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Chapter 767: Suppressing Demonic Energy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

How to get married without meeting a sc.u.m?

Ling Youren was glad that her elder sister had married a kind and honest person like Li Yunmu instead of a despicable sc.u.m like Li Ying.

She gradually released a breath of turbid air while looking in Li Yunmu’s eyes and quickly helped him suppress the demonic energy in his body.

As the ancient secret method, she had the ability to suppress the energy inside a person’s body. Upon realizing that Li Yunmu’s body was being tormented by the collision of the three types of energies, she first suppressed the devil energy, but the fiend energy and vile energy were constantly surging in his body. They pulled the suppressed devil energy after them to circulate through his body.

The three types of energies gave a headache to Ling Youren. They were an extremely th.o.r.n.y problem, but she was still willing to do it for Yuan Biyao.

Sweat poured down her forehead while she a.s.sisted Li Yunmu in suppressing the three types of energies. She was going completely all-out.

Yuan Biyao was extremely nervous on the side. She really didn’t want to see some mishap happen to Li Yunmu.

Ling Youren used up all her spirit energy in Li Yunmu’s body. When she balanced the three types of energy within him, she collapsed on the floor.

Yuan Biyao swiftly caught her and nervously asked, “Youren, what happened to you?”

Ling Youren tiredly opened her eyes and shook her head, then said, “I-I am alright, just need a little rest. Quickly, go check, he… Has he recovered?”

While closely embracing Ling Youren, Yuan Biyao looked at Li Yunmu. At that moment, he slowly opened his eyes, and the blackness in them dissipated gradually. The energy surrounding his body also slowly disappeared.

Li Yunmu surveyed his surroundings in bewilderment, then suddenly looked at Ling Youren lying on the ground.

“What happened to Ling Youren? What exactly happened here? Where are we?” he asked nervously.

“Could it be that you have already forgotten about everything?” Yuan Biyao asked coldly.

Li Yunmu nodded. “I don’t remember what happened. I only remembered that f.u.xi and Nuwa wanted to trap me. The only thought I had in my heart then was to leave the Primordial G.o.d World. It’s the last thing I recall.”

Yuan Biyao looked at the ruined Primordial G.o.d World and calmly said, “You destroyed the entire Primordial G.o.d World!”


Li Yunmu turned around and saw that the Primordial G.o.d World behind him had already turned into ruins.

“f.u.xi and Nuwa were also killed by you.”

Li Yunmu’s eyes went wide, and he shook his head. “I-I didn’t want to kill them. I am sorry… I truly don’t remember what happened… I only felt a mysterious power surging through my body.”

Yuan Biyao nodded. “Ling Youren said that you have been contaminated by demonic energy and lost all reason. While in that state, you also revealed the truth to this girl, but she has suppressed the three types of energies in your body while disregarding her hatred. You are out of danger now.”

“Three types of energies?”

Li Yunmu was astonished. Who could have thought that so many types of energies were surprisingly stored in his body?

When Li Yunmu recovered his reason, the system inside his body, also awoke. It calmly said, [Your body was under the control of the three types of energies. You can still lose your reason at any time, so you’ll have to rely on Ling Youren’s ability to help you suppress them. You must keep this devil spirit by your side!]

Li Yunmu nodded. The system told him to do it, and he also felt some pity for Ling Youren.

But didn’t she know the truth already? How could there not be any grudges and misunderstandings between them?

Yuan Biyao looked at her former homeland, the Primordial G.o.d World, and said while feeling broken-hearted, “We’ll go!”

“Where?” Li Yunmu asked suspiciously.

“Great Void Monastery of the Ancient Lands to find the Priest Spirit Void to settle the bills! He certainly didn’t have any pure goals when he tried to obtain the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword. It might be that he wants to continue slaughtering the devils, even willfully ma.s.sacring innocents, just like f.u.xi and Nuwa had done.”

Li Yunmu nodded. If it were not for Yuan Biyao’s suggestion to go to the Primordial G.o.d World to apologise to f.u.xi and Nuwa, perhaps they would have already settled the threat of Priest Spirit Void.

The entire Origin World was in commotion after the news of the destruction of the Primordial G.o.d World spread through the Ancient Lands. No one knew which devil of the Devil World had become so ferocious that they were even able to kill f.u.xi and Nuwa.

The Ancient Lands’ countless commoners were discussing it when someone else commented that the Devil World had also been destroyed. Its world tree had collapsed after losing the support of the ancient secret method. After that event, many devils had come to the Ancient Lands to live their lives in anonymity.

Both the Primordial G.o.d World and the Devil World had been destroyed, so the only thing that remained was the human world.

At that time, Jiangling City was unusually lively. Although the devils and G.o.ds were thrown into chaos, they were still living their lives free and unfettered.

After the two worlds were destroyed, the human world obtained most benefits. Many cultivators still thirsted to reach the peak of strength.

In Jiangling City, there was a famous Great Void Monastery with countless old taoists who had beheaded devils and struck down monsters. One of them was precisely Priest Spirit Void whom Ming Hui had mentioned.

Since Ling Youren had exhausted her spirit energy, Li Yunmu returned her to the ancient secret method. He went to the Great Void Monastery followed by Yuan Biyao.

When the disciples of the Great Void Monastery saw that Li Yunmu and Yuan Biyao wanted to meet Priest Spirit Void, they didn’t stop them.

It did not seem like they knew about the improper dealings of Priest Spirit Void.

When they met Priest Spirit Void, Yuan Biyao quickly interrogated him. “Why did you want to obtain the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword? What is your aim? Ming Hui has already talked so you shouldn’t bother to lie.”

Priest Spirit Void slowly turned around and smiled. “Two guests have come, but this lowly monk doesn’t understand what they speak and hopes that they can explain it.”

“You despicable fellow, did you want the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword to continue the wilful slaughter of innocents? Since you have eaten the internal dan of devils and monsters, you will suffer the wrath of heaven!”

“This lowly monk has beheaded countless devils and monsters and killed many demons. Obtaining a little bit of cultivation is only a little fortune after the suffering. You seem to have dropped in to interrogate me, but I wonder what are your intentions?”

Li yunmu didn’t want to explain himself and calmly said, “The devil punis.h.i.+ng sword you wanted is with me!”


The devil punis.h.i.+ng sword was instantly unsheathed in front of Priest Spirit Void.

His eyes filled with astonishment. He naturally knew the meaning behind the appearance of the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword: the G.o.d and devil worlds had encountered a great calamity.

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