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Li Yunmu hesitated for a moment. The threat posed by f.u.xi and Nuwa was far larger compared to some Priest Spirit Void!

Thinking of that, he nodded and said, "That's good! Then we will go and meet f.u.xi and Nuwa. But I have to say one thing, I won't give the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword to them!"

Yuan Biyao nodded. "I know! The devil punis.h.i.+ng sword has already recognized a master, so they will not make things difficult for you!"

"But what about Ling Youren? She has the presence of a devil on her, which f.u.xi and Nuwa will sense easily!"

Ling Youren smiled and said, "Don't forget that I can change my attribute! So you don't need to be anxious about me!"

Yuan Biyao and Li Yunmu were slightly startled by her words. Right after, she used some technique to remove the presence of a devil from her body without the least bit of it leaking out.

The ancient secret method certainly had some abnormal abilities.

While holding the hands of both ancient secret methods, Li Yunmu entered the Primordial G.o.d World.

The next moment, they noticed an enchantment around the Primordial G.o.d World. It had appeared after it lost the protection of Yuan Biyao.

"What happened here?"

"Seems like f.u.xi and Nuwa have been vigilant toward us for a long time. Since they are being like this, why do we need to bitterly struggle here? Let's go, since they are being heartless toward us, we don't need to loyal toward them."

Ling Youren looked suspiciously at Li Yumu. While blinking, she asked naively, "Why aren't they willing to accept us? Don't they like us?"

Li Yunmu gently caressed Ling Youren's hair and calmly laughed, "There are many things in the world that are strange. You just have to get used to it."

Ling Youren nodded as if she understood it. Then, while still thinking about his words, she heard Yuan Biyao shout loudly in the direction of the Primordial G.o.d World.

"Emperor f.u.xi, Empress Nuwa, Biyao has come to meet you! I hope that for the sake of our past relations.h.i.+p of so many years, you can let us enter."

Yuan Biyao's words were effective, and the enchantment slowly opened.

"f.u.xi and Nuwa are still willing to see us, quickly come, Li Yunmu!" she said excitedly.

She knew that Li Yunmu was the key. Only after making f.u.xi and Nuwa believe in him would her heart relax.

f.u.xi and Nuwa looked at each other. They could not believe that the devil presence around Li Yunmu had actually dissipated!

"Didn't he… fall to the devil path? Why doesn't he have the least bit of the presence of a devil?"

Yuan Biyao promptly kneeled on the ground. "Biyao is guilty. I shouldn't have entered the Devil G.o.d Well and worried you both."

f.u.xi and Nuwa's gaze suddenly fell on Ling Youren. She seemed to be somewhat similar to Yuan Biyao. Could she also be a spirit of the ancient secret method?

f.u.xi and Nuwa's a.n.a.lysis was pretty good. But Ling Youren was not just any spirit—she was the devil spirit. Her body had been invaded by the devil presence a long time ago, however, she could adjust the presence being emitted by her body.

f.u.xi and Nuwa looked at Li Yunmu and said, "Seems like we misunderstood you?"

Li Yunmu disdained to talk to them. Since the moment they wanted to get rid of him, he had understood their true nature. The two of them only cared about how to profit.

Yuan Biyao saw Li Yunmu's indifferent att.i.tude and promptly said in his place:

"Emperor f.u.xi, Empress Nuwa, Li Yunmu crossed through the Devil World's boundary. Presently, there isn't the least bit of devil energy in his body, and he has also obtained the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword! If he hadn't obtained it, I fear that it would've fallen into the hands of a villain! At that time, the heaven and earth would have suffered from great chaos."

f.u.xi and Nuwa were both shocked. Devil punis.h.i.+ng sword was a protective treasure of the Primordial G.o.d World, and Li Yunmu ha surprisingly returned with it? They had been trying to find the whereabouts of the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword for several years, but they hadn't even seen any traces of it.

Yuan Biyao then promptly urged Li Yunmu, "Li Yunmu, quickly take out the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword and let f.u.xi and Nuwa take a look!"

Li Yunmu was somewhat reluctant to take out the sword and calmly said, "Didn't you not trust me in the past? Even if I helped you find the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword, you two will definitely not believe me again, isn't that right?"

"There has indeed been many misunderstandings between you and me," f.u.xi said. "However, the matter of the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword is too important. I request you to take out the sword and let me have a look!"

Li Yunmu commanded it with a thought, and the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword flew out with a 'sou' sound. It emitted golden light from all over its body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If Li Yunmu had truly fallen to the devil path, then the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword would not have let him go. Thus, not only did f.u.xi and Nuwa could see the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword, they also confirmed that Li Yunmu wasn't wallowing in the mire of the Devil World.

"Is it possible to return this devil punis.h.i.+ng sword to Primordial G.o.d World? This is related to the existence of this world."

Yuan Biyao sighed at that. "I fear that it is impossible! The devil punis.h.i.+ng sword has already recognized a master. If we forcibly keep it in the Primordial G.o.d World, it will cause a great calamity!"

"What? Recognized a master? In the past thousands of years, devil punis.h.i.+ng sword has never recognized a master, so how could it suddenly do that? Could it be..."

f.u.xi and Nuwa looked at Li Yunmu with surprised. It seemed that he was quite extraordinary.

Suddenly, another sword appeared behind Li Yunmu. It suddenly rushed forth as if it was out of control.

f.u.xi and Nuwa were startled by the sight of the G.o.d slaughtering devil sword. They were more than familiar with it!

"Keep that G.o.d slaughtering sword away!"

"f.u.xi, Nuwa, this is a warning for you!" Li Yunmu said. "If you two still want to live, you mustn't suspect me again. Otherwise, I definitely won't be polite toward you!"

Such a naked threat made f.u.xi and Nuwa's complexion turn unsightly.

But Li Yunmu's words were also correct. They should not have suspected him like that and waited until the matter was cleared before making a decision. It would have been the most rational approach.

Li Yunmu put back the G.o.d slaughtering sword and devil punis.h.i.+ng sword and said to Yuan Biyao, "We gave our respects to them, so we should leave now!"

"You want to leave with the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword?"

Li Yunmu's gaze suddenly turned ruthless and he coldly said, "Else? What will you do then?"

f.u.xi sighed at his words. "You misunderstood my intention. If you leave with the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword, it will cause a calamity in the Primordial G.o.d World. The prophecy is about to be fulfilled. It says that when the devil punis.h.i.+ng and G.o.d slaughtering swords appear together, a war will begin between the G.o.ds and devils."

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