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Chapter 768: Priest Spirit Void

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

However, that great calamity was surprisingly that G.o.d and devil worlds would completely disappear from existence. Upon realizing that, how could Priest Spirit Void not sigh?

“I hadn’t expected that the person who brought the calamity to the G.o.d and devil worlds was unexpectedly you! It was a prophecy in the Primordial G.o.d World, that once the devil punishment sword appeared and recognized a master, the G.o.d and devil worlds would face a calamity! Now that the prophecy was finally fulfilled, this lowly one wants to obtain the devil punishment sword only to avoid it causing a calamity in the human world!”

“But you have engaged in the willful slaughter of innocents, injured many devils, and also ate their internal dan. You are really despicable! Today, we have come in place of heaven’s will!”

“Ha ha ha ha… Little girl, I killed countless devils, which is the true will of heaven. If for those cold-blooded devils you choose to become my enemy, that will be the true wrong way. Little girl, the one who will encounter heaven’s wrath is you and not me!”

Yuan Biyao gnashed her teeth. “Let’s not talk nonsense with this priest and just attack!”

She resentfully looked at Priest Spirit Void with her heart filled with boundless hatred toward him. Li Yunmu, however, couldn’t really understand her bitter hatred.

Priest Spirit Void suddenly smiled and said, “Little girl, since you feel that this lowly me killing the devils and beheading the monsters does wrong, it means that you are harboring devils and a.s.sociating with them.

“Today, I will take the place of heaven’s will. Heaven Flipping Seal appear; today is the day of your death!”

The instant Heaven Flipping Seal appeared, Priest Spirit Void’s complexion changed. Li Yunmu… was surprisingly a devil!

Moreover, vile energies were flowing inside his body, which made him truly terrifying.

“You are a demonic devil?”

Priest Spirit Void glared at Li Yunmu.

But how could a demonic devil control the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword? Priest Spirit Void was unable to understand how could it be, but that wasn’t important.

Priest Spirit Void saw himself as good and Li Yunmu as evil, so he coldly said, “Since you are evil, I won’t be lenient toward you. Today is the day of your death.”

When Li Yunmu saw that Priest Spirit Void wanted to kill him, he decided to fight against him in self-defence.

“Flipping Heaven Seal!”

A weapon similar to a ruler emitting a purple-colored light suddenly appeared with dazzling brightness. A moment after that, they all entered a different s.p.a.ce.

Li Yunmu and Yuan Biyao tumbled to the ground together. Upon seeing the spirit energy flowing in the surroundings, they were astonished. What was it?

Li Yunmu clearly saw two types of spirit energy colliding and creating minute cracks in the s.p.a.ce. Where exactly were they?

Yuan Biyao kneaded the skin where it was aching and gloomily said,

“We have entered that weapon used by Priest Spirit Void, so what should we do now? It’ll be difficult to go out.”

The s.p.a.ce in front of them had enchantments installed all around, and there was an enormous sphere at the center. It was like the core of the weapon.

“What exactly do we need to do to get out?”

“Ha ha ha ha… The people trapped in the Heaven Flipping Seal can never come out. You two should properly enjoy the scenery here.”

“Priest Spirit Void, you come out here! Don’t be someone who hides in front of reality.”

“This senior is more grand than Priest Spirit Void. I am the spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal and Spirit Void is under my control.”

Heaven Flipping Seal surprisingly had such a formidable ability? Moreover, a soul existed inside it? No wonder so many spirit energies were colliding with each other inside the surrounding enchantment until they even formed small cracks. It was all because Heaven Flipping Seal’s and Priest Spirit Void’s spirit energies were colliding inside the s.p.a.ce.

The core was dazzling, and Li Yunmu nudged Yuan Biyao before squatting down on the ground and shouting loudly, “Be careful!”

Yuan Biyao was completely shocked by Li Yunmu’s shout, but both of them simultaneously fell on the ground. If it were not for Li Yunmu reacting quickly, the two of them would have been struck. At that time, they would have really encountered a great calamity.

Yuan Biyao had a feeling of lingering fear. The catastrophe had come without warning and brushed right past her.

Li Yunmu couldn’t understand what kind of ghost was the internal core. Why were all sorts of globes being spat out at them? The flame pearl crazily launched attacks on Li Yunmu and Yuan Biyao while all sorts of spell formations began to appear on the surrounding enchantments.

Yuan Biyao looked at the five spell formations and said to Li Yunmu, “This weapon is formed from the five attributes subduing each other. The flame flying out of internal core right now is from fire, which is one of the five attributes. If we want to stop its attacks, we have to find a water spell formation of the five attributes.”

After learning about such a rule of the spell formation, Li Yunmu nodded. He used half his attention to help Yuan Biyao constantly dodge the flames, while the other half to look for the spell formation which she mentioned.

When they found it, Li Yunmu felt as if his body could no longer budge.

What was… going on there?

His body was attracted by the spell formation, and it was forcefully dragged toward the spell formation. After he landed inside it, the red flameb.a.l.l.s were unable to injure him as well as Yuan Biyao.

After realizing that, Li Yunmu began to observe what was the attribute of the flameb.a.l.l.s shooting out of the internal core. They soon found another attribute spell formation, and the internal core became explosive.

The entire s.p.a.ce seemed about to collapse, and with a loud boom, the internal core disappeared. A spirit beast along with a person appeared in its place, at the center of the spell formation.

The beast resembled a red-haired lion, and Li Yunmu couldn’t help but ask, “This… What is this thing?”

Yuan Biyao looked calmly at it. “Probably the spirit beast guarding the Heaven Flipping Seal, or it may be its spirit.”

“Ha ha ha… Since you have come this far, it seems like you have some ability. But you’ve encountered this senior and this senior naturally won’t let you go!”

“Priest Spirit Void, you despicable fellow, let us go!”

“Spirit Void? Ha ha ha ha, this senior isn’t that idiot Spirit Void. He is just this senior’s pet.”

Li Yunmu was startled, since the person before him was obviously Spirit Void. However, he was saying that he wasn’t Spirit Void, so could it be that the two guys had exchanged souls?

Yuan Biyao also seemed to have thought that, and she covered her mouth. She then pointed at the red-haired lion and said, “Is it possible that the beats is Spirit Void?”

The Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit was inside Priest Spirit Void’s body, and it said while slowly caressing the spirit beast, “That’s right, he is this senior’s pet, so he naturally has the att.i.tude of a pet!”

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