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Chapter 4729 Brahma Pill Valley

f.u.c.k, I was too excited!

Everyone else was sitting, but he was standing and clenching his fists like he wanted to beat someone. In an instant, he became the focal point.

However, just who was Long Chen? His acting skills definitely couldn’t be compared to those of normal experts. He emotionally roared, “I’m going to the Sovereign Emperor Heaven right now to deal with the violet blood race! Have you not noticed? My blood is starting to boil, my soul is raging, and my will is burning. What is calling me? It is my bloodline! I can’t wait a single moment! Brothers, charge with me!”

“What do you think you’re doing?! What is this nonsense?! Even if you want to get revenge, you have to do it step by step. Sit the h.e.l.l down!” The divine emissary was completely incensed. However, seeing Long Chen’s earnest emotions, he thought that Long Chen had been driven crazy by the desire to wipe away the Lifehunter race’s shame. He didn’t want to ruin that emotion and affect everyone’s morale.

“Let me tell you, I can deal with whatever you give me! I’m not like them, blockheads who will just sit there lifelessly! You can’t place your hopes on them. Give me a mission, and I’ll definitely lead our people to glory!”

Since Long Chen had started this act, he had to execute it to the end, acting overwhelmed by a desire for vengeance, so emotional that he was gesturing with his hands.

“What absolute nonsense! I’m not done speaking! Sit your a.s.s down! Interrupt me again, and I’ll sew your mouth shut!” roared the divine emissary.

Long Chen could only helplessly shrug and sit down with an aggrieved expression. Fiuh, that was dangerous. I have to stay calm so I can listen to the rest of the story.

Once Long Chen had settled in his seat, everything went silent. The divine emissary's piercing gaze swept over the gathered crowd, and for a moment, it seemed as though time stood still. After several tense breaths, the divine emissary broke the silence with an irritable remark. “You brat, you made me forget what I was talking about.”

“It’s about how we have generally confirmed the violet blood race’s area of activity,” interjected the hall master.

“Right, right! We have a general idea of the violet blood race’s movements, but we haven’t pinpointed their exact location yet. We must exercise caution to avoid alerting them prematurely. That is why we must capture those two girls alive. We will use their essence blood to confirm the violet blood race’s exact location. Moreover, we can use them as bait. Used properly, we can make the violet blood race suffer... What is with that look!?” The divine emissary suddenly roared once more, his gaze as sharp as a blade locked onto Long Chen. Long Chen’s disdainful expression was clearly reflected in his eyes.

“Our Heavenly Province is a glorious existence, while the violet blood race barely survived within the cracks of the world all this time. They’ve long since lost their power. We should just deal a thunderous blow and wipe them out to retrieve our dignity. Using such petty methods isn’t satisfying enough. It will not show the world that the Heavenly Province has returned to the peak,” said Long Chen.

The divine emissary roared, “What the f.u.c.k do you know?! If you cause any more trouble, I’ll kill you right here and now! Don’t think that I can’t do anything to you just because of your little bit of power! I can grab a random handful of people like you anywhere I go in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven! Once you go to the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, all of you will know what it means to be a frog at the bottom of a well! Let alone some artificial nine star Heavenly Doyens, even true nine star Doyens are nothing special in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, so common that you’ll question your existence! This is the strategy, so shut your mouth! Do you think our Heavenly Province’s only goal is to beat the violet blood race? How could an ant like you understand the thoughts of a Kunpeng?”

The divine emissary’s voice echoed like thunder, but it went without saying that he truly possessed some restraint. Even in his enraged state, he didn’t attack Long Chen.

“Divine emissary, please calm yourself. Do you want to expel that brat?” asked the hall master.

“No. Although he’s loathsome, his loyalty to the Heavenly Province is admirable,” answered the divine emissary.

“You are truly magnanimous. I’m not capable of the same thing,” praised the hall master.

The divine emissary took a deep breath. Although Long Chen wasn’t intentionally angering him, his ability at p.i.s.sing people off was simply too amazing. Just exposing the slightest bit of this skill was enough to drive people mad.

The divine emissary calmed himself down ever so slightly and continued, “Speaking of the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, I will tell you frankly that all of you are nothing compared to the experts there. With your power now, you are merely fleas at the very bottom of the world. I know that many of you will not be able to accept this reality, but it is the truth. On the battlefield, you are cannon fodder. Furthermore, that is me being nice. Frankly, you might not even be qualified to set foot on the battlefield. You will be relegated to rear logistics, only qualified to pour tea for others or do laundry. Don’t refuse to accept reality. You will understand what I’m saying in the future.”

The divine emissary’s disdainful tone suddenly s.h.i.+fted. He said, “However, this world’s laws are always biased toward the strong. As long as you thirst to change, you will definitely have a chance. After all, no one is willing to spend a lifetime being trash; arrogant experts will not accept being viewed as dogs. Your chance is right here. As long as you can complete this mission, I can promise you...”

The divine emissary smiled sinisterly. “This time, those who perform well will be given a shocking award from the higher-ups upon entering the Sovereign Emperor Heaven...”

“This reward will turn you into true nine star Heavenly Doyens.”

Hearing this, Long Chen was shocked. How can that be? Other than my Heavenly Dao Tree, what else can have such a heaven-defying power?

“Is this true?” Long Chen once more spoke. However, he wasn’t as impetuous as before, his excited tone greatly satisfying the divine emissary. Using Long Chen’s response as a perfect turning point in his performance, he said, “Of course it’s true. The Sovereign Emperor Heaven’s Brahma Pill Valley has a close relations.h.i.+p with us. The Nine Revolution Heavenly Doyen Pills that you consumed were refined by them. They have another pill known as the Hundred Revolution Heavenly Doyen Pill that can directly turn you into true nine star Heavenly Doyens, not just quasi Doyens.”

“Brahma Pill Valley!”

Long Chen instantly clenched his fist when he heard that name. A loathsome figure appeared in his mind.

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