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Chapter 4730 Lifehunter Divine Crossbow

The image of Lord Brahma instantly appeared in Long Chen’s mind. He hadn’t expected any connection between the Heavenly Province and his mortal enemy, Lord Brahma.

Long Chen harbored a deep-seated hatred toward Lord Brahma, stemming not only from the Pill Sovereign’s will but also from the grievance involving Yu Qingxuan.

Back then, if it hadn’t been for the dragon expert, all the lifeforms of the Martial Heaven Continent would have been destroyed by a single thought. How could Long Chen not avenge such an enmity?

The scene of Long Chen clenching his fists tightly was witnessed by the divine emissary. He smiled slightly, thinking that Long Chen was excited by the notion of the Hundred Revolution Heavenly Doyen Pill.

“That’s why this upcoming mission is critically important. Failure is not permitted, as this relates to every single person’s future,” explained the divine emissary solemnly.

“Divine emissary, can I ask a question?” Long Chen directly stood up, and the divine emissary’s anger once more flared. “I’ve endured your insolence long enough! Do you really think that I can’t kill you? You still want to keep courting death? Ask!”

“The High Firmament Academy’s Dean Long Chen isn’t that strong himself, but I heard his background isn’t so simple. Some people from the Sovereign Emperor Heaven even went to the High Firmament Academy to pay respect to him. If he is killed, will the Heavenly Province end up provoking any trouble? I’m seventy percent confident that I can kill him myself. But if I have to capture him alive, I’ll need to come up with a strategy with a few brothers.”

The divine emissary almost burst into laughter. He had done a thorough investigation on Long Chen, so he was well aware of how strong Long Chen was. However, the fellow before him boasted about capturing Long Chen alive? He wanted to laugh at this joke but couldn’t, so he bitterly endured.

Once Long Chen was done speaking, he said, “I know what you’re talking about. The Heavenly Desolation Long clan truly is a powerful force in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, and even we do not wish to provoke them for nothing. Particularly at this time, being surrounded by enemies will not do us any good. However, we don’t have a choice. In the past, we were neither friends nor enemies with the Heavenly Desolation Long clan. We’ve even had some secret dealings. But just a while ago, someone from the Long clan caused some trouble for us. Since then, we’ve been quarreling. Thus, your worries are for nothing. If you do have that ability, then go ahead and kill Long Chen. If you manage to kill him, I won’t just get you a Hundred Revolution Heavenly Doyen Pill but also a chance to join the Lifehunter G.o.d Palace to cultivate. You don’t need to know too much about the Lifehunter G.o.d Palace. Just know that it is the most sacred land to the Lifehunter race. Even with trillions of geniuses in our race, the Lifehunter G.o.d Palace only recruits a hundred people a year. That’s enough for you to understand.”

Long Chen had been hoping to learn more about the Heavenly Desolation Long clan, but this old fellow didn’t seem to want to talk about them, so Long Chen couldn’t force it.

“Alright, I’ve said what I came to say. If there are any questions, you should ask them now.” Seeing that Long Chen was about to speak, the divine emissary immediately said, “You’ve asked too many questions already. Leave this chance for the others.”

Long Chen closed his mouth, but all the others simply sat there like blockades. Not one of them dared to ask a question.

“Since there are no questions, that means you all understand. Good. Then I’ll explain our current strategy. This time, we will conduct a joint operation with the Blood Hall and the Soul Hall. The Blood Hall’s hall master has made the preparations. When you receive our signal, you will immediately break the High Firmament Academy’s grand formation, and we will attack from all sides. Some people will be causing chaos and drawing the enemy’s attention, pulling apart their battle lines. When Long Chen appears, there’s no rush to attack him. We will use the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows to attack him from a distance. If we don’t kill him in one blow, we’ll aim the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows at the Dragonblood Legion and fire indiscriminately. At that time, Long Chen will be forced to go save the Dragonblood Legion or attack the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows. If he chooses to save the Dragonblood Legion, he will be powerless to resist, and we can freely attack. You, brat, you said that you could personally kill Long Chen? That will be your chance.”

As he explained the strategy, he didn’t forget to remind Long Chen of his big words. No one knew if he was speaking sarcastically or genuinely encouraging him.

The divine emissary continued, “If he tries to destroy the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows, that will be even better. The Lifehunter Heavenly Net will instantly trap him, and once he’s caught inside, it will be impossible for him to escape. Remember, our main goal is to capture those two girls. Killing Long Chen is a secondary goal. Thus, when the battle starts, other than the squad attacking Long Chen’s group, the others must go capture those two girls. Remember, they must be captured alive. If we succeed, all of us will share the credit, so there’s no need to fight over it. But if those two girls die during the fight, all of us will be doomed, understood?”

The divine emissary intentionally cleared things up to prevent people from fighting over credit. Clearly, such a thing was not unprecedented.

“Understood!” The blockheads finally nodded.

“Good. We’ll start preparing now. Hall master, the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows are ready to use, correct?” asked the divine emissary.

“Everything is prepared. We have a total of three hundred and seventeen Lifehunter Divine Crossbows, all in top condition. The thirty-seven thousand Lifehunter Divine Arrows have also been checked. There will be no problems. I’ll have someone check the treasury right now...” answered the hall master.

However, just then, a figure came running over in a panic. He actually went right onto the platform where the two elders were and whispered a few words into the hall master’s ear, causing his expression to completely change.

“What is it?” asked the divine emissary.

“Outside the Cloud Rubbing Fantasy Sea, we’ve noticed some suspicious people. They seem to have surrounded this place,” replied the hall master.

“Immediately mobilize the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows! We must wipe them out entirely! This plan cannot be leaked before we attack!” The divine emissary gave decisive orders.

“Don’t panic, don’t panic! It’s nothing more than a group of rabble. Let me, Boss Long San, deal with it!”

Just as everyone was moving, Long Chen stood and waved his hand for everyone to sit down, baffling them. They all turned to stare at him.

“Shut your f.u.c.king mouth! I’ve held myself back from killing you for a long time now!”

The divine emissary finally lost his patience. With a thunderous stamp in the air, he lunged toward Long Chen like a bolt of lightning, aiming directly for his throat.

You old fogey, I’ve also held myself back from killing you for a long time!

Long Chen swung his hand. The plaza echoed with a sharp slap as the elder was sent hurtling away.


Every expert in the plaza stood in stunned silence, their jaws dropping in disbelief at the unexpected turn of events.

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