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Chapter 322: Great Battle Against Ye Lü Qi!

Edited by RED

The independent cultivators all pulled a long face. Most independent cultivators who were there couldn't compete with the disciples of the Six Groups who were there, so it was even worse with the members of the Five Governments. Who would dare provoke the elders of the Celestial G.o.ds Government, the b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.ds Government, and the Thunder G.o.ds Government?

But even though the independent cultivators thought that way, none of them left. They were still trying to think of a way to get the precious item.

Yao Mei Er from the b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.ds Government and Lei Long from the Thunder G.o.ds Government were both present. They were both annoyed because they couldn't think of a strategy to steal the coffin. If they tried and succeeded, the whole crowd might attack them.

"Brother Lei, let's cooperate and open the coffin together. Then, the three of us can share the loot," Ye Lü Qi proposed with a smile.

Yao Mei Er and Lei Long were surprised, but at the same time, they knew that they couldn't really open the coffin alone. But three people together?

Yao Mei Er rolled her hips while walking towards Ye Lü. She smiled seductively and asked, "Elder Ye Lü, are you sure you don't want to keep the loot for yourself?"

"Hehe, you're joking, how would I dare? You and Brother Lei are both here," said Yao Mei Er. He knew that Yao Mei Er was trying to arouse him on purpose. She knew he couldn't open the coffin alone.

She smiled and then looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi were supposed to fight at some point. She found him interesting.

"Little friend, you should help us!" said Yao Mei Er, smiling seductively. It almost worked, but then he instantly thought of Meng Qing again and smiled indifferently.

"Since you want me to partic.i.p.ate, how could I refuse?" said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist and smiling broadly.

Yao Mei Er was a bit surprised; she had just used her highest seducing skill, but it hadn't worked. Lin Feng was truly wise and determined.

"Excellent!" Yao Mei Er smiled, not showing her surprise that her skill hadn't worked.

Lei Long looked at them and smiled wholeheartedly, "Hehe, celestial being, your skill is completely useless against Lin Feng. Haha!"

"Right, I feel ashamed," said Yao Mei Er, smiling awkwardly. It really seemed that she felt awkward and regretted it, but everybody knew she was wiser than that. Otherwise, how could she have become a Great Elder in the b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.ds Government?

"Hmph! I don't agree," said Ye Lü Qi glancing at Lin Feng icily. The atmosphere became silent again.

"Oh? Elder Ye Lü, why don't you agree?" asked Yao Mei Er, pretending she didn't understand. How couldn't she understand, though?

That was also probably the reason why she had asked Lin Feng to join them, because she wanted to make Ye Lü Qi angry. Everybody else thought so, at least!

Ye Lü Qi also understood what she was trying to do. If Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi battled, no matter who the winner was, it would be one less person who would try to steal the coffin. Of course, the best would be if both sides suffered great losses.

"Hmph! I know what you're trying to do," said Ye Lü Qi, glaring at Yao Mei Er angrily.

Yao Mei Er's expression didn't change. She replied in a weak voice, "How could you blame me?"

"Lin Feng, I will warn you one last time, leave this place. You shouldn't take risks!" shouted Ye Lü Qi at Lin Feng furiously. He was about to lose his temper and attack.

"Why?" asked Lin Feng, quite calmly.

"Hehe, I am a Great Elder of the Celestial G.o.ds Government, you're a little elder in Sword Mountain! That's why!" snarled Ye Lü Qi proudly. How could a tiny little elder from Sword Mountain compete with him? What would people think if a tiny little elder disrespected him? Lin Feng wasn't qualified to compare himself to him!

That's what Ye Lü Qi was thinking, as well as many other people.

But it was ridiculous.

"Apart from being a member of the Celestial G.o.ds Government, what else are you? And what makes you think you can bark so loudly here?

"You're just a Great Elder in the Celestial G.o.ds Government, that's all. You think you can act proudly and arrogantly because of that? What about the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties? They could easily kill you.

"You think you don't need to be scared when facing such people?

"Hehe, and if you did, what would the Celestial G.o.ds Government say?

"Dogs bark to scare people away, you'd be a good dog," Lin Feng finished, calm and composed, yet mocking.

Many independent cultivators and disciples from the Six Groups and Five Governments were astonished. Lin Feng dared humiliate Ye Lü Qi like that in front of so many people…

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h! I will crush you!" shouted Ye Lü Qi. His eyes were bloodshot with rage. He had to kill Lin Feng and show everyone that humiliating and offending him wasn't a good thing to do!

Therefore, Ye Lü Qi got so angry that he attacked. He had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. All the independent cultivators retreated, they didn't want to get injured during their battle.

Lei Long and Yao Mei Er glanced at each other and withdrew as well. They couldn't wait to see who would be stronger, Lin Feng or Ye Lü Qi?

Ye Lü Qi threw a punch at Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng released brightness strength and blocked Ye Lü Qi's attack. He wasn't even injured. Everybody gasped in amazement.

Lin Feng really was strong, they now believed the rumors.

"You threw a punch at me, now it's my turn!" said Lin Feng smiling icily. After the energies dispersed, Lin Feng clenched his fist and threw it at Ye Lü Qi.

"Aggressive King Punch!" shouted Lin Feng. A gigantic black fist crossed the room, chasing after Ye Lü Qi. Ye Lü Qi released Qi to block the punch as well.

"Hmph! Poor skill!" said Ye Lü Qi mockingly. Was Lin Feng's attack supposed to give him a hard time?

"Is that so?" Lin Feng smiled icily. Suddenly, Ye Lü Qi had a bad premonition. He got ready to retreat, but it was a bit too late. Lin Feng raised his left hand and released a s.p.a.ce and time cage. His s.p.a.ce and time Dao filled the whole hall and surrounded Ye Lü Qi.

Ye Lü Qi shouted furiously and raised his hands. He released pure Qi to break the s.p.a.ce and time cage. Lin Feng smiled icily and flickered away. He threw another punch into the cage, but the cage didn't break. The blow crossed his cage and moved towards Ye Lü Qi's chest.

Ye Lü Qi groaned icily and released as much strength as he could to stop the punch, but he was injured. Ye Lü Qi was smashed back and landed a hundred meters away. He almost crashed into a wall.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I WILL KILL YOU!" shouted Ye Lü Qi furiously. He was humiliated, which made him feel even more furious. A little piece of trash like Lin Feng was humiliating him, a Great Elder of the Celestial G.o.ds Government? How could he stand it?

Ye Lü Qi's eyes were filled with flames of fury. Energies emerged from his eyes and turned into a gigantic sword, created by his mind. The attack could destroy a whole mountain.

Lin Feng frowned and retreated. He shouted extremely loudly and flickered again while releasing explosive brightness strength. His energies crashed onto the gigantic sword, and breaking and snapping sounds spread out. The gigantic sword broke into millions of pieces.

Lin Feng's brightness strength smashed into Ye Lü Qi's chest. Ye Lü Qi smiled darkly and raised both hands. Two terrifying ferocious and evil beasts appeared and surrounded the brightness strength, devouring it bit by bit.

Lin Feng remained focused. What were those two illusory beasts?

"Eh, a unicorn and a taotie?" murmured Lin Feng. He looked grim.

{Translator's Note: for more info on the taotie, }

It was a good thing that he didn't underestimate Ye Lü Qi.

"Hehe, Lin Feng, die now. Hehehe!" Ye Lü Qi's eyes were bloodshot. He ground his teeth and smiled furiously. The two illusory beasts were a hundred meters tall as they threw themselves at Lin Feng. They were extremely fast.

Lin Feng grunted. He could sense the energies pierce through his own pure Qi. He shouted and raised his left hand, taking out his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. Suddenly, the sound of ten thousand beasts spread in the air. The whole room trembled.

Ten thousand beasts floated around in the room. The unicorn and the taotie howled furiously. Most people's faces paled and they put their hands on their ears, their seven apertures bleeding.

Such a battle was just incredible.

"If they continue fighting like that, the whole palace is going to collapse. We have to stop them!" shouted Lei Long to Yao Mei Er. He had a bad premonition.

Yao Mei Er stared at the fighters. She looked hesitant, but then both decided to intervene. Yao Mei Er flew towards Yao Mei Er and Lei Long flew towards Lin Feng.

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