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Chapter 638: 638、Don’t Worry, I’m Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


“Holy Matrimony! I thought it’s yours the whole time! Like I thought you could at least own her somehow for once even though you failed to win her heart.”

“…” Huo Chen pa.s.sed a cold glance at her, wondering how the woman survived till today with her mouth. Wen He put on the ring again and marveled at the diamond again, “Well. You are bringing me to your base. Don’t you feel afraid with me likely betraying you while exposing the entire camp to my men?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll murder you first and I’ll confess to the judge.” Having spoken with the playful lady a few times, Huo Chen believed that he could tell when Wen He was actually messing with him.

She might hurl the most hideous jokes but I can tell she isn’t particularly evil.

“We are married, Huo Chen. Don’t worry, I won’t betray you…”

“My dear husband…” she added sweetly.

Huo Chen shuddered and tried to stay calm as he continued driving like that address never happened.

“Hmm—so how should I address you in front of your men? Do I call you ‘dear’, ‘honey’, ‘husband’ or …’Chen’? Would that sound too casual?” She was not in a good mood but the few naughty words with the man made him feel better somehow.

“Call me by my full name will do.”

“People can tell from that! Trust the expert!” She chuckled, adding a new rule of addressing Huo Chen as her “dear husband” just to send him shock-filled gooseb.u.mps whenever Huo Chen tried to annoy her.

I can’t believe I’m actually heading back into such a formal occasion after becoming a wanted criminal.

If I got exposed, I’ll be dead meat right away! Not only me, Huo Chen will be toasted too!

“I’m here. It’ll be fine.”

“What if you aren’t?”

“If you want to redeem yourself, your ident.i.ty has to be revealed. Just that only the higher officials will be informed.”

“Wait, what? Doesn’t that also mean your mother will know this immediately? I suddenly feel I’m far better off being shot dead by a soldier there!”

“Nah, you are considered a top secret in the military. We go by the book. A secret is a secret, no one else outside the camp would know,” rea.s.sured Huo Chen as they drove into the base.

“Good morning, sir! How is everything?” Greeted one soldier by the gate loudly. Despite his decommission, Huo Chen still was treated like a lord back in his territory.

It felt nostalgic as Wen He could perceive some marchings happening somewhere in the camp through the reeled-down window.

“Those were the days…” she muttered as she reminisced the days back in the organization with Ol’ Jiu.

“You seemed interested. You know you can come to the marching field tomorrow, too.” He parked the car, “Let’s go.” He went out of the car with the keys swinging in his index finger and took the luggage cases for them. Wen He looked upon the building about 5 floor-high and it was relieving when she confirmed that they were going to their accommodation first and not some meeting room with the Generals.

“Room 503.” Huo Chen pushed the luggage cases towards Wen He as he added, “There’s no elevator.” He probably mistook her constant gaze at the building for something else.

“What the *beep*!? I ain’t going to climb these stairs everyday! I didn’t sign up for this!” She sighed loud and followed him obediently.

At the corner of the staircases to the fifth floor, Wen He was panting, “I-I-I mean—You are the general. The General. You should be able to choose a room instead of being given o-one. Why the fifth floor then?” Her face was red and sweaty.

“Better view,” muttered Huo Chen as he got up to the fifth floor effortlessly.

“UGH!” Wen He sprinted up the 35-step narrow and steep staircases in one go.

She stood by the corridor and checked out the view while fanning herself.

He sure isn’t wrong about having a better view here. I can see everything here. That’s the field—and there’s the training ground. This must be the a.s.sembly floor and that square building should be where the generals are.

“Well. I’ll meet the heads, you’ll take care here,” said Huo Chen as he left the luggage with her.

Wen He got into their room. It seemed well taken-care of. It was tidy with book filled racks around the room.

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