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Chapter 596: 596、Good Use of Blackmailing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Yunting was always the role model of the proverb “action speaks louder than words”. The moment he let go of her waist, he grabbed her hand and hurried their way out of the hall.

Of course, after what Lu Zhaoyang had experienced in the past 500 chapters, she knew it was futile for her to break free so she just left the place under his lead.

Xiang Jinxi gave a final glance at them before Qiu Jin initiated, “Ma Sen got into an accident.” Xiang Jinxi's gaze was bitter as Qiu Jin continued, “And I think it was not intended. I saw the security camera today. The weather has been hot these days. It's natural for a truck to have a spontaneous combustion.” Qiu Jin laughed, “He seems to be alright. It shouldn't affect our little deal. We just need him to move his mouth, after all.”

Qiu Jin thought back the moment Xiang Jinxi danced with Lu Zhaoyang and asked, “What were you two talking about before this? Are you interested in Lu Zhaoyang? I mean—I would get kind of jealous you know?” she said playfully, even though her eyes suggested otherwise. It was hard for her to imagine how the ice man would look when he fell in love with someone.

“Well, she's a capable worker.”

“It's not like she's the *only* capable worker in this world.”

Xiang Jinxi closed his eyes and breathed deeply, “But she's the only capable worker who's a.s.sociated with Huo Yunting in this world.”

“True. Imagine if the both of you got along back when she was still in Ge Yu. It'll probably be a different story now. I had heard things about you giving pretty good treatment to your ex special a.s.sistant, if you don't mind me saying.”

“It was all part of the plan.”

Only to win over her heart. The car, the freedom and power at work, even the supper delivery—all to fulfill my plan. 

“Geez, I should be careful dealing with people like you from now on,” she replied, giggling as the music ended. The hand at her waist was immediately withdrawn as the cold president walked away, leaving Qiu Jin stumbling alone.

He's really ruthless. He doesn't even bother to spare me a bit of respect. 

In the meantime, Lu Zhaoyang was brought back into the car which zoomed away like a panicked horse into the woods.

Right when she was thinking on how she would get away with the night, her phone rang.

It was Lin Yazhi's number. The irony when she received a call from the twisted mind at the worst timing.

Nevertheless, to her surprise, it was Xiang Xiang, “Mommy, when are you coming home? I miss you.”

Huo Yunting knew that was no good. He tried reaching out his arm but it was too late when Lu Zhaoyang replied, “Xiang Xiang, mommy will be home soon. There's Uncle Yunting picking me up. Don't worry, dear.” Her voice was sweet unlike the terrified look a second before.

“Okie, I will wait for mommy. I heard from Aunt Lin that there's another accident on the road. Be careful!” Reminded the little boy.

“Okay, dear. Mommy will surely be home tonight.” She pa.s.sed a look at Huo Yunting, “Xiang Xiang, you want to talk to Uncle Yunting?”

“Okay!” Lu Zhaoyang then placed her mobile phone next to Huo Yunting's ears while he was driving. She could not help but sn.i.g.g.e.r. Huo Yunting nearly wanted to throw the phone out of the window, especially when he knew what his woman was up to. He grabbed the phone and was winding down the window yet the little boy's angelic voice paused him, “Uncle Yunting, thank you for sending Yang Yang home. Xiang Xiang will get Yang Yang and Uncle Yunting ice cream. Love you. Take care!”

The man sighed, “Alright. We will be home in 20 minutes.”

“Don't you think Uncle Yunting is a good guy?” Zhaoyang sat back and carried on chatting with the little boy. They talked about the the little boy attended. Xiang Xiang was having fun apparently. Both the teacher and the cla.s.smates were kind to him. “Alright, that's great to hear. I'll see you in a few minutes, okay?” And she hung up.

She never spoke a word since then. She knew she had spoiled someone's mood. She could even feel the fire burning next to her.

A good use of blackmailing. 10 points to Lu Zhaoyang and now she no longer had to fear that Huo Yunting would take her elsewhere for the night!


When they were approaching Lin Yazhi's house, the car slowed down.

“So, is Xiang Xiang sleeping alone tonight?” Huo Yunting decided to go for Plan B.

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