WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 639 - One who conquered the warfield also conquers the Kitchen too

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Chapter 639: 639、One who conquered the warfield also conquers the Kitchen too

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wen He strolled along the window and surveyed the green square beds like a tray of brownies with mint icing. She was hungry but also slightly amazed by the facilities available there. “There’s even a kitchen,” she mumbled.

Contrary to her stereotypes in the accommodation inside a military camp, the bathroom was clean, so clean that the tiles were glossy white. The toiletries were brand new too.

“What does he even mean by ‘take care here’ when the room is squeaky clean? I can even see reflection on the tiles!” That was when she saw a giant luggage case on the floor.

Oh, so that’s what he meant by ‘take care here’.

The luggage case did not catch enough of her attention however, as her eyes went back to that s.p.a.cious bed which looked like an expired and hard brownie the more she stared at it.

I can’t be sleeping on this slate tonight. There must be something else here.

She then searched through the entire room but not even a single piece of blanket was found.

Gosh, someone—please save me…

A knock at the door interrupted her nevertheless.

“Who’s there?” She cautiously approached the door.

“Ma’am, I’m here to deliver something!”

Wen He then realized that she was not in some base of her nemesis, she was not the target, at least. No one was going to hurt her.

For what I was acting so nervous? Geez.

“Coming.” She then opened the door and a thick layer of dark green cotton blanket rushed in. “Good evening, ma’am!”

Oh wow, my call was heard!

“Sir Huo requested me so,” said the man who recognized Wen He. He saw her before during the operation before as the aide-de-camp. He would have put handcuffs over her but now it was a different story since she had an engagement ring on his finger.

General Huo was on a mission for the past few years overseas and he had finally returned, recommissioned with his beloved wife joining the scene. No one dared messing with his wife.

“Thank you.” Wen He took the blanket and placed it over the bed. It felt like a whole new world when she rested her back against the nice, comfy, warm “cus.h.i.+on” of the bed.

Huo Chen came back later and did not see any blanket but a clearly higher bed.

“This is for covering yourself during the night and you place it on the bed?”

“Well, isn’t this your blanket?”

“Well, are you not going to cover yourself tonight then? Here’s Base Camp 101: it’s freezing cold every night.” He squatted down to tidy up the place, sighing for the verified fact that the flamboyant woman before him could not be trusted on cleaning the place up.

“Are we—sleeping in different beds tonight?” She glimpsed at their room again with only a single bed.

“I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“This bed is too hard. I thought you requested the blanket for cus.h.i.+oning.” She then shook the bed vigorously a few times, “How about you ask your men to bring you another bed?”

“I’m a soldier and soldiers don’t come here for leisure,” he said, folding his clothes nicely after taking them out from the luggage case. He placed them into the wardrobe nearby, “I think you are missing the whole point we are doing this.”

“Yes, General Huo, is there any task for me at the moment?” She never planned to stay long anyway. She just wanted to leave the place ASAP after getting her work done.

“Well, we don’t need more blankets. We will use this for this trip.”

Huo Chen finally had everything set up in his room when he asked, “Have you cooked food?”

“Uhh…I don’t know how to cook. How about we have some at the cafeteria?”

Wen He almost forgot she was actually starving thanks to the few hours spent on traveling to the camp after processing their marriage status at the registry in the early morning.

“It’s closed now,” Huo Chen sighed while wiping the sweat on his forehead before storming into the kitchen. While Wen He was expecting something basic like a bowl of instant noodles, she heard the sound of water splas.h.i.+ng and vegetable being sliced.

Wen He inched towards the kitchen curiously. She saw that big and strong silhouette skilfully dicing the onion and leeks as she tilted her head in amazement.

That was the first time she saw that cold man cooking.

Oh my gosh, one who conquered the warfield also conquers the kitchen. This is unimaginably s.e.xy…

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WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 639 - One who conquered the warfield also conquers the Kitchen too summary

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