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Chapter 450
“Huh!” Hu Jing laughs coldly: “An ordinary relations.h.i.+p? Didn't you say that you just meet her few times? How could a friend want to help you? Dou Jin Wen, do you think that I am a stupid one?”

“Hu Jing, stop being irrational!”

“I'm irrational? Yes, I'm irrational one. I have no skill to introduce business partners for you. I'm too irrational, how could I want to marry you!” Hu Jing takes the ornaments on the shoes shelf and throws it at him. “I hate you!”


Then she gets inside the bedroom, Hu Jing lays down on her bed and cries.

Dou Jin Wen's att.i.tude makes her bitterly disappointed.

Dou Jin Wen is irritated. He thinks about his father's job. He hasn't mentioned it to Hu Jing. He kicks the shoes shelf.

This time his phone rings.

He calms himself and answers it: “Ma, why aren't you sleeping?”

“I keep waiting for your call, how is it? Have you apologized to Xiao Jing?” Dou family also gets the news that the son and daughter-in law are fighting. “You are just a newly married couple, it's unavoidable to get in fight sometimes. You should try to understand Xiao Jing, you need to think about Miao Miao too.”

“I know Ma, Pa is old too. Don't work again. In the future, I'll transfer you guys the money every month. You guys should just raise up Miao Miao.”

“You should save your money for your future. I just called Dou Weir, she said that tomorrow she would transfer me some.”

“You guys called Weir for money again?”

“Em ah. Weir is a woman yet she could earn a lot of money. She also was raised by us. She could be like this today, because of us. In the future if she marries, we will be her family. She should support us, she has responsibility.”

Dou Jin Wen feels something strange, he thinks about it and says: “Ma, in the future, if you need money, call me. I have improvement in my business. I'll be richer than Dou Weir, I also could support you guys.”

“Don't show off your skill. It's not urgent for your Pa to work. The most important thing is you and Xiao Jing. You need to live well. We spent a lot of money for your marriage, you shouldn't waste it.”

The call ends.

Dou Jin Wen just takes out his cigarette and smokes it.

He feels that his life now is in side road. If he goes left that it's a normal life. He has wife and son. But his business will be in stagnant position.

If he goes right… perhaps it's an optimistic road. Maybe…

He Yi Yi's att.i.tude toward him, he could feel that she doesn't hate him. If he wants to pursue her, there's a possibility of success.

But her family… He is worried that they might not accept the fact of his marital status.

He considers about it and might not be true. At first Hu Jing also didn't approve their relations.h.i.+p but at last they get married too. As long as He Yi Yi will be as stubborn as Hu Jing.

Love could make people blind and doesn't care about anything, especially for women.

Dou Jin Wen considers and finally decides on something.

He doesn't want to settle to be an ordinary one, he doesn't want to be said to be dependent on Dou Weir.

The weather turns warm. The sun is s.h.i.+nning bright. Dou Weir is accompanying Old Madame Dou to stroll around the small garden of the hospital.

This morning, He Ji Fan took He Zhi Chou to Dou Wei. Dou Weir is holding Old Madame Dou so she has no time to take care of Zhou Zhou. She asks the nurse to take care of him.

These days her manager keeps on calling her to tell her to start working as cosmetic brands want her as the brand amba.s.sadors. But Dou Weir answers if that brand is willing to wait, then she would do it after her days off. But if the brand is unwilling, then let's do it next time.

Most brands are willing, though some of them aren'.

Dou Weir doesn't care about it.

“Mama, this flower is for you.” Zhou Zhou is holding a purple flower.

Dou Weir looks at Zhou Zhou's face, she feels his eager eyes are so cute. “Zhou Zhou why do you want to give mama flower? This flower is picked by you?”

“No, it's Yi Yi (Auntie).” Zhou Zhou points to the nurse. “Papa said that Mama likes flower, Zhou Zhou asked Yi Yi to pick one for Zhou Zhou to give to Mama.”

He Ji Fan says nonsense again. He even never gives her any flower. How could he knows that he likes flower.

“Thank you Zhou Zhou, but Zhou Zhou couldn't pick the flower anymore. The flowers are here for everyone to see. It's not Zhou Zhou's. Zhou Zhou shouldn't take it, okay?”

Zhou Zhou is young so for some matters he doesn't understand. His eyes are full of confusion.

Dou Weir thinks about it and simplifies her words: “The flowers aren't Zhou Zhou's, Zhou Zhou cannot take it. Understand?”

Zhou Zhou nods: “The flowers aren't Zhou Zhou's, Zhou Zhou cannot take it.”

“Weir ah, you and Ji Fan……” Old Madame Dou keeps on 'repeating an old tale'.

Dou Weir is helpless: “Nai Nai, I will consider seriously about what you said to me. But my opportunity with him is not yet come, this temporary time I couldn't accept him. Give me bit of time okay?”

“Okay, okay, Nai Nai will not force you. You need to consider carefully.” Old Madame Dou is happy that Dou Weir is willing to consider He Ji Fan.

This time.

“Zhou Zhou, why are you here?” Chen Meng's friend is hospitalized so she comes over to visit. She doesn't expect that she could into her beloved Da Sun Zi (Oldest grandson).

This period of time He Ji Fan always take Zhou Zhou to stay with Dou Weir. He makes excuse that Zhou Zhou is a bit timid so he takes Zhou Zhou to Jing family's residence.

Chen Meng is busy playing mahjong so she doesn't really mind. Old Madame He is also unwell. So both of them just let He Ji Fan takes care of it.

Now it seems that He Ji Fan is lying.

“Why Zhou Zhou is here with you?” Chen Meng looks at Dou Weir hostilely.

Old Madame Dou notices it, she is unhappy to see that her granddaughter is treated this way. This woman seems to be elegant and arrogant, and she acts like she is closely related to Zhou Zhou so she could make a guess who this woman is.

As expected Dou Weir speaks up: “Madame He, this period of time Zhou Zhou frequently comes over to my place. As his Nai Nai, how could you not know?”

Dou Weir doesn't act modest toward her. Of course she remembers He Ji Fan's mother. The time she had surgery for her ectopic pregnancy, she treated her coldly. So Dou Weir feels there's no need to be modest toward her.

Let alone now she isn't together with He Ji Fan.

Even if in the future they are together, it doesn't mean she let her mistreated her. That's not her personality.

Old Madame Dou is unhappy to see this middle-aged woman's way of treating her granddaughter.

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