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After Ye Qing Xin disappears from his sight, Jing Bo Yuan's eyes turn even softer.

He starts the car and drives away.

After thirty minutes, Jing Bo Yuan enter private luxurious VIP room of Mu Dan Hua Xia.

The time Yi Bing Ping notices his coming, he is so surprised.

An hour ago, he met him accidentally outside the Hong house mansion. So he acted shameless and came forward to greet him. He didn't expect that Jing Bo Yuan will reply him and asked him to go Mu Dan Hua Xia to wait for him.

Yi Bing Ping never expects of it.

In the business world, Jing Bo Yuan is powerful. Not everyone can do business with him. If he can get his favor maybe Dong Shan company will arise again, maybe can be prosoper again.

Ji Bing Ping is so excited when thinking about this.

He asks Jing Bo Yuan to sit down and he also sits down. He is so pleased that he can sit so close with him. Jing Bo Yuan looks so calm and glances at her, Ji Bing Ping feels scared and moves a bit to give some distance between them.

“I don't know whether Chief Jing want to order me to do something? As long as it's your order, I'm not afraid of any difficulty and will not hesitate to do it.

Ji Bing Ping is at least twenty years older than Jing Bo Yuan, he should be his senior. But because of his powerful position in business, Ji Bing Ping acts like his servant.

Sometimes some people are just born as leaders.

Jing Bo Yuan takes out his cigarette box, Ji Bing Ping rushes forward to help him light it. Jing Bo Yuan smokes it.

He looks sharply at Ji Bing Ping's face.

JIng Bing Ping's whole body is s.h.i.+vering. He lowers his head and doesn't dare to look.

“I heard that recently you keep on running to Hong family's house?”

His tone is calm.

Ji Bing Ping doesn't understand his question, he hesitates and nods.

Jing Bo Yuan plays with his cigarette.

“Very good.” He says.

Those words are inexplicable.

Ji Bing Ping is startled for a while, suddenly he responds and nods: “I understand Chief Jing.”

Jing Bo Yuan wants to use Ji Bing Ping's hand to teach Xu Fei.

Attack someone using the strength of another.

But because it's Jing Bo Yuan, Ji Bing Ping is happy.

It's just he feels terrified when he sees his cold face.

Afterwards, Ji Bing Ping is even more aggressive. He even goes to Mrs Hong's house everyday. He asks for a million every month. He makes great commotion in Hong family.

Of course, it is caught in news.

The next morning.

Luo Feng just arrives in the company. His phone rings and Jing Bo Yuan calls him over.

He knocks before getting inside the office room.

“Chief Jing.”

Jing Bo Yuan: “Find me who is responsible of the logistic department of B university, then….”

Luo Feng listens to it. He is startled, he looks like he just looks at the ghost for ten seconds. He tries to calm himself, he responded: “I'll handle this now.”

In the afternoon.

Ye Qing Xin and Dou Weir go together the dining hall to eat lunch.

The time they buy food to swipe their car, she looks at her balance and plans to deposit more money to it.

When she is thinking, she listens Dou Weir's complain: “Why this money runs out so fast? Last weekend I just deposited one hundred dollar, why is it all done now.”

“Xin Xin, let's deposit more money after lunch?

Ye Qing Xin brings her serving tray, she just orders a bowl of rice and stir-fry julienned potato.

“No, I'll go tomorrow. I still can use it for one more day.”

Dou Weir: “Okay, I'll try to economize it and fight to use it for a day.”

During the lunch.

Ye Qing Xin remembers Dou Weir's family problem and asks her about it: “Are you still getting a call from you family?”

Dou Weir says: “I already sent them the money that earned at Mu Dan Hua Xia. I told them that I worked a lot of jobs for that money. Now they aren't so aggressive about it.”

“How about your new job?”

“It's quite good, what about you?”

“It's good too.”

“So tell me, have you helped me to probe big boss Jing's hobby? Let me tell you, after a month it will be Bo Wei company thirteen years anniversary. Our manager said that he will take me to enrich my experience. That time I will meet Big Boss Jing. I want to think carefully, what should I do to let him pay attention to me so it looks like it's not superficial.”

“Ay, tell me do I need to confess my feeling to him directly? If it's accepted, I'll be Mrs Jing. If not,……'s too bad!”

Ye Qing Xin sits down quietly and eats her meal. She doesn't say anything.

But don't know why, her food turns to be tasteless.

The next day afternoon.

After the lunch Ye Qing Xin and Dou Weir wants to go to the counter to deposit some money to their card.

The time they come over, they notices there's a queue there.

“Why is it so many people here?”

“You don't know about it?” A man says: “Here yesterday there's an activity started. Starting from yesterday 12 o'clock in the afternoon, randomly there will be a unlimited card could be got. We just need to put on some money. So everyone is trying their luck. Look most of them have deposited several time.”

Ye Qing Xin doesn't know about it.

Dou Weir smiles: “What kind of unlimited card?”

“You don't need to deposit any more money and just can swipe it as much as you wish.”

Dou Weir's eyes turn bright, she looks at Ye Qing Xin: “Isn't it a good thing?”

If she has a great luck, then for her remaining college life, she wouldn't need to be worried about her drinking and eating.

The student card isn't only for dining hall, market, campus public transportation. As long as it's inside the campus, they can use it. It'll let them to save a lot of money!

Dou Weir is so excited.

Ye Qing Xin doesn't respond that excited.

She never believes that there'll be a meat pie falls down from the heaven. Even there will be, it'll not be her turn.

Not hoping means she will not be disappointed.

After waiting for around an hour, finally it's their turn.

In front of them, most of people has failed and given up. Some of them are also unwilling to accept it and just queue again.

There's even some people start to doubt this activity to be a scam, if not how can since yesterday no one has gotten it?

As expected Dou Weir also cannot be the lucky one.

“It's your turn Xin Xin, fighting!” Dou Weir cheers her up.

Ye Qing Xin: “…….” That kind of pure luck, what is the use of cheering words?

She the card.

It's just a silence then suddenly “Di- Di – Di—” the sounds keeps on playing.

The forty years old auntie smiles at her: “You are so lucky, you get the unlimited student card.”


Everyone is yelling.

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