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The policeman has a feeling of being thunder hack this person directly admitted to the crime. Is she some important character? Otherwise, how is she so willingly surrender?

The police did not understand and Black Three did not understand. After the incident got out of hand he was waiting here he did not plan to run away he did not even know what to do.

"Big brother, did you call me here to let me sing, or to let me fight?" w.a.n.g Jie asked with a bitter face. He and Fang Xiaoru just came only to see this scene, he already begin to guess that his big brother is the center of it.

But w.a.n.g Jie couldn't think Summer was really innocent this time and the true protagonist of this incident was Zhao Qingqing's.

"Master, Master wife you both go sing I will be fine!" Zhao Qingqing said.

"Black three, what is going on here?" The policeman asked.

"The two people wanted to indecent a.s.sault me, so I have beaten them all, it's that simple!" Zhao Qingqing said quickly.

"In this case, please go to the station with us!" The police couldn't figure out what Zhao Qingqing backing was, so he didn't dare to mess around, and his tone was polite.

" Police uncle, there is no need to go to the station right?" Zhao Qingqing smiled.

The policeman grew black line on his forehead he was only twenty-five years old so why this girl called him police uncle?

"In general, you will have to go to the station to explain the situation." The policeman was a little angry. Although they had received orders to block the scene, but now the person who ordered the order was beaten, naturally they refused to execute the order again. If the matter is resolved, then the child can't run anyway, and he can block it at any time.

"Oh okay in fact, I have always been honest and law-abiding, so when I hit someone, I felt like I had committed a crime of intentional wounding. So I took the initiative to turn myself in!" Zhao Qingqing smiled and looked at the policeman behind him. "Hey, the city policeman finally came to take me away!"

Zhao Qingqing's words are really not a lie. When everyone turned their heads, they saw a cold and s.e.xy long-legged policewoman. It was the famous cold beauty of Jianghai City.

"I am the cold police captain of brigade of the city bureau I'll take this person first come to me if something happens!" Cold left this sentence and left with Zhao Qingqing.

"Master, I will come back tomorrow to you!" Before Zhao Qingqing left she also said something to Summer. "I have already paid for the money in the box. You'll continue to play don't waste it!"

And w.a.n.g Jian's helper couldn't do nothing, he couldn't find a way to get back at this girl came up with such a trick, and they didn't have any problems. They guessed it at the moment. Most of the lawlessness of the girl are closely related to the cold beauty police, and they dare not offend the famous cold beauty its best to wait for the w.a.n.g team to wake up and talk about it.

"First send the w.a.n.g team to the hospital!" A policeman waved his hand, and a group of people quickly withdrew. The Shengs.h.i.+ songs also temporarily escaped the storm.

"This girl is really interesting!" w.a.n.g Jie looked at Zhao Qingqing's back and sighed.

Summer, was staring at Cold s.e.xy figure and said to himself: "The Cagney and Lacey sister seems to be more beautiful."

"Still want to sing?" Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but ask.

"Sing, let's go!" Summer came back to reality he took Sun Xinxin to back into the private room.

Summer quickly understood that it was not his level of appreciation. But Zhao Qingqing singing was really bad

While Summer and other people are still singing and drinking, Black Three went into a private room on the third floor. In the private room, Ding Leopard was holding a beautiful woman, one hand was hidden in her clothes, and the beautiful girl had a hint of blush.

Ding Leopard is actually a very good man. When he first started to mix, he and Zhang Yufen were together. Later, Ding Leopard mixed up and reach a new height When others all praised him as a leopard brother. He Still did not abandon Zhang Yufen, although at this time, he can easily get a younger and more beautiful women than Zhang Yufen, but in these years, he only has Zhang Yufen as his woman, mixed in the road, a man like Ding Leopard can be call as extremely rare.

Sadly, such a good man is wearing a lot of green hats, so now, Ding Leopard wants to be free naturally there is no shortage of young and beautiful women around.

Seeing that Black Three came in, Ding Leopard let go of the beauty in his arms, and the beautiful woman also went out very tactic, leaving only the two people in the box.

"Leopard brother, the bald-headed b.a.s.t.a.r.d try to cause trouble!" Black three is a little angry. "Even if there is no Sun Xinxin tonight, I am afraid he will find another way to make trouble, the purpose is to let w.a.n.g Jian help him deal with us!"

"I know." Ding Leopard nodded. What happened just now, he was naturally clear, but he had been observing in the dark and did not come out.

"Leopard brother, what do we do now? w.a.n.g Jian such a trouble dangling over our head no matter whether it has anything to do with us or not, I am afraid that he will still hold us accountable. That bald head has been watching our karaoke club for a long time and this time he strike so hard he definitely won't let go of this good opportunity." Black three asked a little worried.

Ding Leopard was silent for a long while, then slowly said: "Maybe, we should also find a backer."

"But Leopard brother who doesn't want to find a backing, but that kind of real backing, is not so easy to find." Black three sighed, they usually have some connection into police, but the police can not be look at as a real backing small things they can level but big events they won't dare to intervene.

"What is the name of the woman that beat up the bald head?" Ding Leopard thought about it.

"I don't know." Black three shook his head.

"She should have a bit of background but she definitely won't be interesting in working with us." Ding Leopard felt a bit helpless. He did not like the feeling of having to rely on others.

"Yeah, I heard that the cold beauty police has a very tough background and that girl seems to be very familiar with her." Black three said.

"It seems that I can only meet him." Ding Leopard stood up. "Maybe only he can help me now."

"Leopard brother, who are you talking about?" Black three is a bit confused.

Ding Leopard slowly spit out a name: "Summer."

"He?" Black three is a bit puzzled. "Leopard brother, he can only fight why do you need to look for him as a backing? If anything he should seek us!"

"A few days ago, I thought like you." Ding Leopard shook his head. "But last night, I happened to be in the night beauty. Black three presumably you still don't know what happen at night beauty last night?"

"Night Beauty?" Black Three shook his head. "I haven't heard anything!"

"Although some people deliberately want to tone it down the impact of that incident still to big. I also saw it with my own eyes last night." When Ding Leopard begin thinking about what he saw last night, the shock from it still hasn't subside. "Summer last night actually smashed the Night beauty bar, and put High Total into the hospital. I thought he was finish and that it was impossible for him to get out of the police station. But I didn't expect him to not only come out un scar but even have the mood to come out and sing tonight."

Black three stayed, who was High Total, he naturally knows.

"Leopard brother, is Summer more than High total?" After a while, Black three can't help but ask.

"I also checked it. He seems to have no backing, but there are certain things that we can't find. I only know that when he came to night beauty last night he only had Sun Xinxin around I think he must need some men." Ding Leopard said slowly. "For us, this may be a golden opportunity."

"Leopard brother, it seems that you have already made up your mind." Black three whispered.

"Yes, I have to gamble. If the gambling is right, my Ding Leopard will really begin to developed!" Ding Leopard's eyes had a touch of madness. The ordinary boy who looks like nothing special always gives him a mysterious feeling, such as a glance at him he can see that Zhang Yufen's has betrayed him, and even the time can be accurately stated this is by no means something an ordinary person can do.

Gambling with risk for someone who mixed in this line, he's already use to more risky gambles.

"You ask me how deep I love you..." In the box, w.a.n.g Jie is singing in deep affection, but unfortunately, there is no beauty in front of him to listen to his confession.

Sun Xinxin doesn't like singing very much, but she sings really well, and Fang Xiaoru doesn't seem to have any talent in this area. In the end, w.a.n.g Jie becomes the star of the box.

"Sister Xin, let's drink." Summer, was drinking while He tried very hard to get Sun Xinxin to drunk. Zhao Qingqing called three dozen of beers, but he hasn't finished drinking yet.

"Little satyr, do you really want to get me drunk to do bad things?" Sun Xinxin face were red her voice was unconsciously charming.

"Sister Xin I didn't want to do bad things to you just want to wait for you to get drunk to take you upstairs and help you bathe." Summer is very innocent.

"Summer, you are too color!" Fang Xiaoru inserted a sentence, want to take off their clothes and help people take a bath, this is not doing bad things? What's more, such a big beauty is stripped off, he will only help her bath so simple?

"Little satyr, I don't want you to wash me!" Sun Xinxin said with a superficial charm, but she picked up the cup of beer and drink.

"Then I can help you undress!" Summer began to bargain.

Sun Xinxin couldn't help but pinch Summer thigh: "I don't want you to take off my clothes!"

"Then I will help you wear your special clothes?" Summer was a bit discouraged.

"No!" Sun Xinxin gave a white eye to Summer this little satyr remembered her night gi clothes!

The box door was pushed open at this time and several people came in.

"Big Brother, you come to play, why don't you say h.e.l.lo to me?" The first person was Ding Leopard. He strode to the front of Summer, with a familiar look. "Come and open up the VIP private room, how can Ding Leopard's big brother stay in this small room?"

"Yes, Leopard!" The two behind him responded and hurried away.

"Big brother, this private room is too small, wronged you, I will take you to another private room!" Ding Leopard looked at Summer with respect.

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