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“Yes ah.” Director Yu Dao said this sentence very indifferently.

There basically was no such thing as taking care of s.h.i.+ Xue, and her complexion  turned somewhat white. According to what he just said, you could see that Ye Shaohua had invested like this a lot.

He Musheng stood on one side and when his eyes touched Ye Shaohua, who had almost no change in her expression, he didn't have the courage to let out his obscure feelings.

After this program was aired, there were several waves online.

Who could have known that this online rumor of Ye Shaohua entering by the back door and trying to find ressources was actually all for s.h.i.+ Xue.

s.h.i.+ Xue was not only a person pouring out lies, but also one biting the hand that had fed her.

This not only caused the anger of Ye Shaohua fans, but even pa.s.sers-by held this kind of person in contempt.

s.h.i.+ Xue used up her last bit of popularity.

“s.h.i.+ Xue, in the end, what is this all about? Several bloggers of the entertainment circle sent black material about you, and several paparazzi asked me if I want to buy your black material. In the end what did you do?” Liang Ge panickedly called s.h.i.+ Xue.

s.h.i.+ Xue was frightened, “I don’t know, it's the resources that Shaohua gave me that I didn’t know about. I don’t know anything. How can they say so much?”

But she did not even think about it. Earlier, when father Ye gave Ye Shaohua resources, Ye Shaohua also did not know.

“Zihua, you definitely know that this is not something I did, why don't you help me clarify?” s.h.i.+ Xue was used to go find Qi Zihua for help.

Qi Zihua neither quickly nor slowly took out a cigarette. “You also knew that Shaohua didn’t bribe those people ba. Why didn’t you clarify for her?”

When she heard this, s.h.i.+ Xue's complexion turned stiff.

“In order to show fairness, you will be treated the same as other newcomers in the company.” Qi Zihua glanced at her indifferently and called the security guard to take away s.h.i.+ Xue.

The reason why s.h.i.+ Xue's previous incarnation1 could become popular so quickly was entirely because she was escorted2 by Qi Zihua and He Musheng.

In this life, she was carrying black material that could not be washed clean, and Qi Zihua was unlikely to give her resources. Even if she had Liang Ge, it was of no use.

Moreover, Liang Ge, this Starry Sky gold medal agent, was also implicated with her and became a target of scorn.

Starry Sky was also suppressed by unknown forces and soon went bankrupt. Most of the artists were taken over by He Clan, except s.h.i.+ Xue.

s.h.i.+ Xue’s most basic salary was now also gone. She moved into a narrow and dark slum area. Although she was an orphan, she had never lived in this kind of house since she was a child. All this made her fall apart endlessly.

“It’s useless to find me. With your current appearance, even if I send you to the bed of the big bosses, it's unlikely they would want you.” Liang Ge finally gave her a look. “This is the last time I see you.”

His life was better than s.h.i.+ Xue’s, but it was also not good.

He stood on the street, somewhat at a loss. For what reason had he, this gold medal agent, turned into this, now?

At the same time, the billboards on the square were showing the scene of Ye Shaohua's Lifetime Achievement Award, the position of Zhou Qing as a chief agent was stable.

At that time, Ye Shaohua’s first literary film, 《Devil's Territory》, was widely acclaimed, and numerous big shot film reviewers used a lot of words to praise praise her.

For a time, she overshadowed the veteran film emperors and film empress of that literary film and took the best female lead role.

Online, countless people sighed. Ye Shaohua's starting point in the literary film was too high. They had a lifelong fear that she would not be able to make a breakthrough, and it would be difficult to achieve even greater achievements.

But no one thought that this literary film was not her end, but rather the starting point of her journey to become a star.

Even the famous film critics on the Internet commented: “In one year, she has won the Lifetime Achievement Award. This kind of person, what can you call her except genius?”

Even if he knew he should not, Liang Ge couldn’t help but think that at one point, he had also wanted hold Ye Shaohua with both his hands. Looking at the screen, wasn't it exactly what he had longed for?

“Boss, I found news of that Y!” A youngster full of joy and expectations, wearing black-framed, rushed into He clan’s office.

Even if his nerves were big, he still felt the office's unusual atmosphere.

Ye Shaohua died. Even Norman had no way to save her. For her body to have come back to life at that time had already been a miracle. However, she ignored her own health and filmed this many films in a few years.

Even a body made of the iron would be unable to stand it.

On the day of the funeral, Qi Zihua was clothed entirely in black and stood in the distance. His whole person was no longer the same as the elegant one of Qi family's second young master, and Ye Shaohua's death made him even more devastated.

He would torture himself in remorse and self-torment throughout his life, so He Muyun did not do anything to him.

“Mama, why are you crying?” At the school, a little boy looked at his mother who suddenly burst into tears.

“Do you know Ye Shaohua?”

“Know, that’s the female star that mama used to love even before I was born.”

“No,” the woman smiled and touched his head. “She is our youth.”

The business legend, He Muyun, was never married in his life. Everyone dared not guess why. Only after his death was his experience with Ye Shaohua made into a biography and a movie.

When autumn’s Golden Wind embraces Dew of Jade3, one meeting with Shaohua was a lifelong's mistake.

【Ding! Exceeding results in the main task, the system rewards 150 points. Congratulations to the host for getting 350 points! 】

【Ding! System No. 008 is at the host's service, 350 points have been received. Please host choose the way to leave the body, 1. Choose to leave behind the host's copy, 2. Directly leave!

This time, Ye Shaohua did not hesitate, “Directly leave.”

“Shaohua, let’s hurry, the compet.i.tion is about to begin!” When she woke up again, she heard a chattering voice.

As she remained calm and collected, she followed the female student inside a sea of people.

“Aaah, Xu Chenghao, he is so handsome ah!” Ye Shaohua was taken to the first row by the female student, where four people gave them a very good position1.

Xu Chenghao was Third School's most handsome boy. Not only that, he was also permanently ranked in the top three of the grade. And so, he was the object of all the young ladies' fantasy.

Female students shouted Xu Chenghao's name, and male students shouted An Tongtong's name.

“Do you see it, Xu Chenghao is sitting opposite An Tongtong. She is the school's flower AND a top student. I also heard that her family is super rich.” The female student next to Ye Shaohua was obviously gossipy, and she spoke with a bit of envy.

There were now at a city-level Go compet.i.tion, and An Tontong finally took the first place, as was expected.

“Chenghao, Congratulations on winning the second prize. If there is extra points, you will have no big problem getting into Jing Uni. And, do you see it, Third school's high mountain flower4 Ye Shaohua, came to see you, won’t you go say h.e.l.lo?” Xu Chenghao's roommate winked at him.

Xu Chenghao did not look at her, rather he looked at the graceful and n.o.ble An Tongtong on the podium.

She had a temperament that was completely different from ordinary people.

Ye Shaohua was indeed beautiful, but Xu Chenghao also knew that her parents were merely doctors in the hospital. He was from a small town and had to look at the long-term prospects.

Moreover, her grades could only be said to be ordinary, especially with An Tongtong's accomplishments as a comparison.

First School and Third School were two places, one was a gathering place for top students, and the other was a gathering place for ordinary people.

He was just an ordinary person. He didn’t know the renowned An family. He also didn’t know An Tongtong's mysterious ident.i.ty, but he saw that the car that picked her up yesterday was a Bugatti.

Xu Chenghao lowered his eyes. He heard that An Tongtong's dream school was Jing Uni, So his ultimate goal was also Jing Uni.

Ye Shaohua went out of the place with a mult.i.tude of spectators and received the plot in her mind.

This was also a modern time parallel world. She was also called Ye Shaohua. The plot was full of dog blood5. She was the mistakenly switched daughter of a rich and powerful family, and the target she was mistakenly switched with was precisely An Tongtong.


1. seems like they got paid to hold the place for our mc and the school grl↩

2.protected ↩

3. a verse from Qin Guan's Immortal at the Magpie Bridge 鹊桥仙. For those who don't want to go to this website directly, here is a quick summary of the original poem : the theme is about the story of the cowherd and the maid who can only see each other once per year (they are separated by the galaxy and there is a bridge who connect their place 1 a year), the poem is praising their love and saying that their love is so strong that they don't need to be together physically as long as their hearts are connected. It's similar in a way to ou SH and Yun boi ↩ is used as a metaphor for something that can only be seen from a distance, that cannot be touched, Similar to “highly unreachable” and “unreachable” in Chinese. source↩

5. melodramatic↩

Chenghao, so young yet already so calculative… already dont like him even though he hasn’t said a word yet

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