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"Yes, Jie Ge." Ding leopard understood w.a.n.g Jie mind so did not oppose.

"You can rest a.s.sured that if there is something I can't solve, Big Brother will naturally come out." w.a.n.g Jie gave Ding leopard a rea.s.surance. "Big brother once said that his younger brother only he and his wife can bully them, so if anyone bully us big brother will definitely not stand by."

"Understood, Jie Ge." Ding leopard thought that this fat man finally said something meaningful.

"Okay, let's end it here for now, you remember my phone number first and also give me your cell number remember to keep your phone turn on at all time." Fat man wrote down his phone number and took give it to him, Ding Leopard had a business card and also handed it to w.a.n.g Jie then got up.

"Jie Ge let me send you." Ding leopard got up and plan to send him out.

w.a.n.g Jie waved his hand and motioned that there was no need, but at the bottom of his heart there was a cool wonderful refres.h.i.+ng feeling, it was simply impossible to describe, he even had a kind of impulsive to shout.

"This Fat man will no longer be the bottom of the chain, Zhang Li you wait, I can't wait to see the regret on your face. I will find two beautiful women, one for cooking, one to give me a warm bed..." Fat man's brain begin to get full with messy thoughts.

When w.a.n.g Jie returned to the private room again, Sun Xinxin had finally gotten drunk now laying in Summer arms. Summer hold Sun Xinxin, he was ready to go home with this drunken beauty. Fat man immediately showed his new ability as a big brother and let Ding Leopard send a car over to carry Summer back.

Ding Leopard really has a car, but it is a van. Of course, for w.a.n.g Jie this will also work, a van also has its benefits. There are currently more people so need s.p.a.ce. A van is also more convenient to play a few kinky games and when you watch TV The kidnappers often use a van to hold people in.

Ding Leopard personally served as the designated driver, and sent Summer to the entrance of the school's famous garden. Then he watched Summer with Sun Xinxin enter the community then drove away. He also sent w.a.n.g Jie and Fang Xiaoru to Jianghai University.

"It's so fragrant!"Along the way Summer has been sniffing Sun Xinxin non stop he has already became intoxicated. The body fragrance of Sun Xinxin smells really comfortable it makes him feel like he was moving on clouds.

With Sun Xinxin in his arms he slowly went up the stairs. Summer hand was unconsciously pinching Sun Xinxin's b.u.t.tocks he felt the softness and elasticity of that part the wonderful feeling that came from it provoke his flames that made his younger brother had a bursting type of feeling.

He tried to slow down his speed but even so his walk up the six-story staircase could only be delayed by five minutes. During this time The body in his arms seemed to be getting hotter and hotter provoke by his actions and even though he has being producing his natural cool effect, she still felt hotter while her body fragrance were getting more and more rich.

"It's coming so soon!" Looking at the house number Summer placed Sun Xinxin on the ground with a bit of disappointment, holding her with the other hand and open the door.

Opened the door, turned on the light, he first took Sun Xinxin to the living room, put her on the sofa, then he went back to close the door, and then turned his head, but became dumbfounded.

"Sister Xin you, you are not drunk?" Summer, looked at Sun Xinxin, who had already stood up from the sofa and felt regret. If I had knew this I would have let her drink a little more.

"Little satyr, people are awakened by you!" Sun Xinxin face was flushed, she quickly ran into the bedroom, took clothes and ran into the bathroom.

The joy Summer had earlier was extinguished but he didn't want to give up so easily after all it isn't easy to get such a beautiful woman drunk.

After a while, things that made him more depressed happened. After Sun Xinxin took a shower she actually wore a very conservative pajama, so that he could not see anything. This is no problem but she also immediately hid inside the bedroom while also locking the door.

"Sister Xin, I want to use the computer." Summer was not willing to break down the door.

"Wait till tomorrow I am going to sleep." Sun Xinxin how can she be so easily fooled.

"Sister Xin, it's still early, how are you going to sleep?" Summer made his final effort.

"Who told you to let me drink so much wine? My head is a little dizzy, of course I have to sleep!" Sun Xinxin pushed the responsibility onto Summer.

"It doesn't matter if you're dizzy I know a message that can relieve you of dizziness." Summer suddenly felt this was his chance.

"I am asleep!" Sun Xinxin's voice was a little lazy.

"How can you talk while you are asleep?" Summer will not be deceived by such stupid trick.

However, he soon regretted saying this, because there was no response this time. No matter what he said after Sun Xinxin did not respond, he did not know if she really fell asleep or not.

But what is certain is that the long build up plan Summer had for tonight has completely failed. He wanted to go further with Sun Xinxin. But it seems tonight it won't be possible.

"Master is right, my effort is not enough. It seems that I was too anxious and now scared Xin sister." Summer comforted himself and went to sleep.

Although Sun Xinxin was drunk and went to bed at 9:00 the next morning she still got up very early. But summer slept in so after finally waking him up she with Summer went to the flower shop together only to arrive at the store at nine o'clock.

"Summer, you do not feel your means are too sloppy?" Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but say that when she saw Summer, and see that the two came so late she naturally a.s.sume what that Summer did to Sun Xinxin after getting her so drunk last night

And seeing how Sun Xinxin knows that he is trying to get her drunk to do bad things yet she still lets herself get drunk. In Fang Xiaoru's opinion, this is obviously a willingness action so her as an outsider can have nothing to say about this. Otherwise im afraid she would have already call the police.

"I didn't do anything last night!" Summer couldn't help but refute after all he's still depressed over it.

"Who believes you!" Fang Xiaoru shouted. "Right, this is your mobile phone. Yesterday Joe Little Joe called to find you."

"I Know." Summer receive the phone.

"Joe Little Joe really is your girlfriend?" Fang Xiaoru could not help but ask again.

"It's true." Strangely it was Sun Xinxin who took the initiative to answer. "I had dinner with her yesterday."

"Ah?" Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth, and he looked at Sun Xinxin in an incredible way. then lowered his voice and said: "Sister Xin, then why are you still dealing with summer? You want him to be responsible right?"

"I said that me and Summer did nothing." Sun Xinxin said with a bit of anger.

"Sister Xin, why continue to lie? I saw you hug, and intimately act with each other do you dare to say that nothing happen?" Fang Xiaoru grinned.

Sun Xinxin could not refute for a while. Indeed, although they did not break through the most intimate relations.h.i.+p in the last layer, they could say that they are still pure non-male and female relations, which is bit too far-fetched.

"Xiaoru, lets not continue, my mind is a bit messy." Sun Xinxin smiled bitterly. There have been too many things happening in the past few days. Unconsciously, her ident.i.ty has changed a bit, but she has not yet Completely converted from the past restrictions.

Sun Xinxin said this, Fang Xiaoru does not say anything more, but just look at Sun Xinxin's it seems that there is more sympathy, but when watching Summer there's even more dissatisfaction.

"The fat man didn't come today?" Summer Didn't see w.a.n.g Jie, couldn't help but ask, up to now he saw him every day, and now suddenly disappeared, made him a little unaccustomed.

"Came and then left again." Fang Xiaoru snorted. "People are now a big brother, naturally very busy!"

After a pause, Fang Xiaoru looked at Summer again. She spoke with dissatisfaction: "Summer, do you really let that Fat mix with the Ding leopard? Those people are triads!"

"It's no big deal mixing with them." Summer for such things naturally don't care much.

"Forget it, I am too lazy to control you." Fang Xiaoru said.

(T.L Notes: you have no control to begin with loll)

"Summer, you can go send Dr. Liu's flowers then later you can accompany me to buy a new phone at noon." Sun Xinxin said, her mobile phone had drop, so she naturally has to buy a new one.

"Okay." Summer was felt this arrangement was good. He called Liu Yun Man, She was working night s.h.i.+ft last night and is now sleeping at home.

In order to save Summer the trouble of making two trips she told summer to come in the afternoon knowing that Summer wanted to send her flowers, and because Summer needed to treat her sister in the afternoon.

he hung up the phone and relayed the situation to Sun Xinxin then suggested: "Sister Xin, Isn't it better for me to accompany you to buy a phone now?"

Sun Xinxin thought about it and agreed. Anyway, the flower shop has nothing to do for the moment, but today the temperature seems to have dropped again. Compared with the heat of the previous time, today it is very cool, quite suitable for shopping.

So they took the 419 bus and came to the famous commercial pedestrian street in Jianghai City Sun Xinxin immediately devote herself to the great cause of shopping.

Women's nature likes to go shopping, Sun Xinxin is no exception, and the essence of shopping is also in a word, not to really buy a lot of things, even if you try all the clothes, you don't have to buy one and this also has endless fun.

Obviously, this is the first time for Summer to see woman shop but he also feels this is very interesting because Sun Xinxin keeps changing clothes for him to appreciate, all kinds of skirts, denim shorts, T-s.h.i.+rts and so on let his eyes feast.

The only thing that made him a little depressed was that when Sun Xinxin went to buy underwear, she didn't wear it for him to see.

After almost two hours of shopping, I saw it was getting closer to noon, Sun Xinxin finally went to a mobile phone store she only just remember the real reason for her coming here, so took Summer and went inside.

"Miss, you wish to buy a mobile phone? We have various of brands of mobile phones in various grades here... This is Nokia's... Samsung's over there..." As soon as the door is opened, the mobile phone shop's shopping guides began to linger Introduced phone after phone.

"I will look for one myself." Sun Xinxin interrupted her.

"That's good, please feel free to see, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me." The shopping guide still kept a sweet smile and walks towards another guest who has just entered the door.

"Sun Xinxin?" An unsure voice suddenly came from the other side.

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