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Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-cla.s.s looks. He crawled his way out of h.e.l.l on hard mode to become a winner at life. Then, he was smashed into a vegetative state by a chandelier. 061: h.e.l.lo, here’s a brief rundown on the sc.u.m gong reconditioning system. This system measures the regret level of the sc.u.m gong. Every time their regret level reaches one hundred points, you will be able to leave the current world. A friendly tip, usually, through dedication and self-sacrifice, our employees slowly foster a sense of dependency in the sc.u.m gongs, gradually making it so the sc.u.m gongs can’t do without them. Chi Xiaochi: How many regret points is a complete loss of reputation and standing worth? How about a fall from grace? Or wanting something but never being able to achieve it? 061: ….

Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 96 Part2 Mar-15-20
Chapter 96 Part1 Mar-14-20
Chapter 95 Part2 Mar-14-20
Chapter 95 Part1 Mar-07-20
Chapter 94 Mar-06-20
Chapter 93 Mar-06-20
Chapter 92 Part2 Mar-06-20
Chapter 92 Part1 Mar-06-20
Chapter 91 Feb-23-20
Chapter 90 Part2 Feb-22-20
Chapter 90 Part1 Feb-21-20
Chapter 89 Feb-21-20
Chapter 88 Feb-21-20
Chapter 87 Feb-21-20
Chapter 86 Part2 Feb-21-20
Chapter 86 Part1 Feb-21-20
Chapter 85 Feb-21-20
Chapter 84 Jan-18-20
Chapter 83 Part2 Jan-17-20
Chapter 83 Part1 Jan-12-20
Chapter 80 Part2 Jan-05-20
Chapter 80 Part1 Jan-05-20
Chapter 79 Jan-05-20
Chapter 78 Dec-29-19
Chapter 77 Dec-29-19
Chapter 76 Dec-27-19
Chapter 75 Dec-21-19
Chapter 74 Part2 Dec-21-19
Chapter 74.1 Dec-15-19
Chapter 73 Dec-14-19
Chapter 72 Dec-13-19
Chapter 71 Dec-08-19
Chapter 70 Dec-07-19
Chapter 69 Dec-06-19
Chapter 68 Nov-17-19
Chapter 67 Nov-16-19
Chapter 66 Part2 Nov-15-19
Chapter 66 Part1 Nov-15-19
Chapter 65 Nov-15-19
Chapter 64 Nov-08-19
Chapter 63 Part2 Nov-08-19
Chapter 63.1 Nov-08-19
Chapter 62 Part2 Nov-08-19
Chapter 62 Part1 Nov-08-19
Chapter 61.2 Oct-26-19
Chapter 61 Part1 Oct-26-19
Chapter 60 Oct-26-19
Chapter 59 Oct-13-19
Chapter 58 Oct-13-19
Chapter 57 Oct-11-19
Chapter 56 Oct-11-19
Chapter 55 Oct-11-19
Chapter 54 Oct-11-19
Chapter 53 Sep-30-19
Chapter 52 Sep-30-19
Chapter 51 Sep-28-19
Chapter 50 Sep-22-19
Chapter 49.2 Sep-21-19
Chapter 49.1 Sep-20-19
Chapter 48 Part2 Sep-20-19
Chapter 48 Part1 Sep-14-19
Chapter 47 Part2 Sep-14-19
Chapter 47.1 Sep-08-19
Chapter 46.2 Sep-08-19
Chapter 46.1 Sep-06-19
Chapter 45 Sep-01-19
Chapter 44 Part2 Aug-31-19
Chapter 44 Part1 Aug-31-19
Chapter 43 Aug-19-19
Chapter 42 Aug-19-19
Chapter 41 Aug-17-19
Chapter 40 Aug-17-19
Chapter 39 Aug-11-19
Chapter 38 Aug-10-19
Chapter 37 Part2 Aug-09-19
Chapter 37.1 Aug-09-19
Chapter 36 Aug-03-19
Chapter 35 Aug-02-19
Chapter 34 Jul-28-19
Chapter 33 Jul-27-19
Chapter 32 Jul-27-19
Chapter 31 Jul-26-19
Chapter 30 Jul-20-19
Chapter 29 Jul-19-19
Chapter 28 Jul-14-19
Chapter 27.2 Jul-13-19
Chapter 27 Part1 Jul-12-19
Chapter 26 Jul-07-19
Chapter 25 Jul-07-19
Chapter 24 Jul-05-19
Chapter 23 Jun-30-19
Chapter 22 Part2 Jun-30-19
Chapter 22 Part1 Jun-28-19
Chapter 21 Jun-28-19
Chapter 20 Jun-23-19
Chapter 19 Jun-21-19
Chapter 18 Jun-16-19
Chapter 17 Jun-16-19
Chapter 16 Jun-14-19
Chapter 15 Jun-09-19
Chapter 14 Jun-09-19
Chapter 13 Jun-07-19
Chapter 12 Jun-07-19
Chapter 11 May-26-19
Chapter 10 May-25-19
Chapter 9 May-24-19
Chapter 8 Part2 May-19-19
Chapter 8 Part1 May-18-19
Chapter 7 May-17-19
Chapter 6 May-12-19
Chapter 5 May-11-19
Chapter 4 May-11-19
Chapter 3 Apr-29-19
Chapter 2 Apr-29-19
Chapter 1 Apr-29-19
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