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Chapter 1049: A Case of Intentional a.s.sault (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What?” The captain took another glimpse at her. “Are you so nervous that you forgot your age? Don’t be scared; this is the place station and not another wolf’s den.”

Only after she had licked her dry lips did she slowly respond to him. “Twenty-four years old.”

Surprise colored his face. “I couldn’t tell at all; I thought you’re a student!”

She felt slightly embarra.s.sed at this.

Her expression remained stiff regardless of how the officer deliberately tried to ease the tension in the atmosphere, though.

“Come on; give me a recount of what happened.”

With her head hanging low, she kept silent for a moment before she spoke to him of everything that had happened after entering that bedroom.

While he jotted down her recount, from time to time, he would scrutinize her face.

There was, surprisingly, not a bit of panic or fear on her face. In contrast, she was relatively calmer than when she first stepped into the station.

He must admit that she was a beautiful woman.

As she calmly recounted the moment, her bowed head, drooping eyes, thick, long and curly lashes, and her trembling voice evoked pity from him.

Her two beautiful jade-like collarbones undulated along with her breathing, and just looking at that red lips of hers was enough to make him feel obsessed with her!

He now knew why Li Dongliang did whatever he could to get this lady!

This lady did have the capital to make people expend effort to get her.

Totally unaware of the meaning of his gaze, she continued to give her confession. The officer then retracted his distracted thoughts to hear her out properly, but the more he heard of this incident, the more his brows tightened into a knot.

If she came across as beautiful at first and aloofly haughty the next, his final impression of her was strong-willed.

Such a girl, in this era, would either stumble in this hypocritical society or easily offend people she should not.

Naturally, she was of the latter type.

Rather than sympathy, he felt pity for her more.

After she finished her recount, he checked through the statement with her and added some missing details.

She then left her thumbprint on the doc.u.ment after he amended the statement.

As he began to write this case’s summary with bowed head, he lightly asked, “Your name is Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+, right?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“You’re such a silly girl. You’ve landed yourself in such big trouble this time! A big shot like Li Dongliang isn’t someone you can afford to offend.”

She calmly replied, “I’m indeed guilty of a.s.saulting him, so I have nothing to say about being detained, arrested, or convicted, but it’s all in self-defense!”

That man molested and attempted to rape her. According to the law, he should be punished, too!

By law, she could request to be acquitted on the grounds that it was self-defense!

Mo Chengan shook his head helplessly before he looked into her eyes and softly retorted, “Do you think the rules of this society can be explained with such simple words?”

Startled, she regarded him with a frown and in disbelief.

“What… What do you mean?”

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1049 - A Case of Intentional Assault (3) summary

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