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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future summary:

After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans…

Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father 's premium military benefits, Ling Lan 's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. After much difficulty, she finally turned sixteen when she could drop the charade. But before she could grasp her newfound freedom to get married and start her own family, her resurrected father decided to go ahead and throw her into the Federation 's top military boys ' school.

With these twists of fate, Ling Lan had little choice but to walk further and further down a path of no return, one of cold and aloof dominance…

It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapters

Time uploaded
650 King Level! Sep-10-19
649 Injured? Sep-10-19
647 Gratitude! Sep-08-19
645 Danger! Sep-08-19
644 A Chance! Sep-04-19
643 Untitled Sep-04-19
642 Disguise! Sep-04-19
640 Time To Act! Sep-04-19
639 Bidding! Sep-04-19
638 Disdain? Sep-04-19
637 Going Too Far! Sep-04-19
636 Deal! Sep-04-19
635 Help! Aug-26-19
634 Problem? Aug-26-19
633 Fake? Aug-26-19
632 Life Or Death? Aug-26-19
628 Temptation! Aug-19-19
627 Expel? Aug-19-19
626 Soul Society! Aug-19-19
624 An Attack! Aug-19-19
623 Destruction! Aug-19-19
621 Rescue! Aug-19-19
619 Analyze! Aug-10-19
618 Big Fish? Aug-09-19
612 Chance? Aug-03-19
610 Confusion! Aug-03-19
609 Discovery? Aug-03-19
607 Selfish? Jul-29-19
606 Battle Clan! Jul-29-19
604 Concern? Jul-26-19
601 Daydream? Jul-26-19
600 Humiliation! Jul-25-19
598 Cheeky! Jul-25-19
597 Confession! Jul-25-19
596 The Last Move! Jul-25-19
594 Framed? Jul-21-19
593 Who Is He? Jul-21-19
592 1 Versus 1 Jul-17-19
590 Ice Spirit! Jul-16-19
588 It's Them! Jul-13-19
586 Reinforcement! Jul-11-19
583 Reminder! Jul-08-19
579 Defeat! Jul-05-19
578 Dishevelled! Jul-05-19
576 Prime! Jul-05-19
565 Monstrosity? Jul-05-19
563 Separation. Jun-18-19
561 Help! Jun-18-19
560 Send Off! Jun-15-19
559 Departure! Jun-14-19
558 Hatred! Jun-14-19
556 Breakthrough! Jun-12-19
555 Sacrifice! Jun-12-19
550 Recoil! Jun-12-19
549 Merge! Jun-12-19
548 Solution? Jun-12-19
547 Thank You! Jun-12-19
546 Decision! Jun-12-19
545 Sealed! Jun-12-19
541 Pet! Jun-12-19
540 Ambush? Jun-12-19
539 Bait? Jun-12-19
538 Selfishness? Jun-12-19
531 Promise! Jun-12-19
530 Bloody Tears! Jun-12-19
529 Not Worthy! Jun-12-19
528 Why? Jun-12-19
526 Defeated! Jun-12-19
525 Purpose! Jun-12-19
524 Evolution! Jun-12-19
523 Evaluation! Jun-12-19
521 Chase! Jun-12-19
520 Send Off! Jun-12-19
519 Daddy! Jun-12-19
518 Addiction! Jun-12-19
516 Ascension! Jun-12-19
515 Pressure! Jun-12-19
513 Disguise! Jun-12-19
512 Talent! Jun-12-19
511 Turncoat? Jun-12-19
509 Ignored! Jun-12-19
508 Real Or Fake! Jun-12-19
507 Crisis! Jun-12-19
506 Submission! Jun-12-19
505 Infiltration! Jun-12-19
504 Despicable? Jun-12-19
502 Persistence! Jun-12-19
501 Sure-Kill! Jun-12-19
499 Crisis! Jun-12-19
497 Attack! Jun-12-19
491 Weakness? Jun-12-19
490 Gemini? Jun-12-19
479 Commander! Jun-12-19
477 A Great Move! Jun-12-19
472 Seed? Jun-12-19
469 52 Shots? Jun-12-19
464 Give Up! Jun-12-19
458 Goal! Jun-12-19
Chapter 388: Weak! Jun-12-19
Chapter 343: Use! Jun-12-19
Chapter 209: Move! Jun-12-19
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