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Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022: Fallen Jade Immortal Tea

"Of course it's possible . " Even before Wu Yu had answered, Di Yutian answered for him .

After all, the Dark Sea Emperor was of eminent status, and in good relations with the Yan Huang Tribe as well . His requests would not be refused .

Suddenly hearing this, Wu Yu and Princess You Xue both felt a pang of fear . They naturally suspected that the Dark Sea Emperor had discovered the Soul Manipulation Blood Design .

However, Wu Yu had antic.i.p.ated that such a thing might happen, and therefore was not that fl.u.s.tered . After Di Yutian had answered on his behalf, he nodded, not betraying the slightest slip in composure .

Di Yutian arranged for the Dark Sea Emperor and his retinue to stay at the Dark North Residence . Besides the Dark Sea Emperor and Princess You Xue, there were also other princes and princesses, as well as the foreign amba.s.sadors, ministers, and aristocrats .

After the arrangements were complete, Di Yutian continued to hurry about his work . Wu Yu told the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others to wait for him at the entrance and then headed for the resting chambers of the Dark Sea Emperor with Princess You Xue . Prince Le was waiting outside as well . He did not understand the situation, and so had nothing to worry about .

He was simply curious as to why the Dark Sea Emperor would wish to speak to Wu Yu alone . He asked the Full Moon of Nanshan, who feigned ignorance despite being in the know, to keep Prince Le in the dark .

Along the way, Princess You Xue was nervous, explaining to Wu Yu throughout .

"Say no more . I know that you did not reveal it . If you even had a thought about it, I would already have known," Wu Yu rea.s.sured her .

"Um . . . But what if he knows?" Princess You Xue had completely subjected herself to Wu Yu's lead now .

"We'll play it by ear . " The Dark Sea Emperor probably would not kill him here . After all, even the Phoenix Supreme had not laid a hand on Wu Yu because of the Ancient Emperor .

They soon reached the residence . Before they even neared, a voice came from within . "Xue Er, wait outside . "

So Wu Yu would go in alone .

Wu Yu was calm . She remained outside, while he headed in . When the door opened, he saw two chairs and a tea set laid out . The Dark Sea Emperor was seated in one chair, hunched over the implements in a focused manner .

The tea from within the kettle was powerfully fragrant, a top-quality strain from immortal essence . A mouthful of the tea would grant mortals many years of life, and even Qi Condensation or Jindan Dao martial cultivators would see a rise in their spiritual power .

"This is the Fallen Jade Immortal Tea, courtesy of Yan Huang's hospitality . It was made with an eight-spiritual-mark immortal essence . Generous hospitality indeed . Sit down, taste it . "

"Mm . " Wu Yu nodded and took the other chair . He sat uneasily in his chair, a little tense . After all, it was the Dark Sea Emperor on the other chair .

The Fallen Jade Immortal Tea had finished steeping . Wu Yu's cup was poured . He was not reserved, and partook fully . The fragrance of the tea was mouthwatering and lingered in his mind . A true pleasure in this world . Immortal teas and wines had their own allure, that eluded not even the cultivators .

"A marvelous tea indeed . " Wu Yu nodded .

He saw that the Dark Sea Emperor had lifted his own teacup, his gaze locked on the tea . After a light puff on the scalding tea, he said casually, "I have spent a long time examining the spirit design on Xue Er . I know it is the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, but I have not said anything about it along the way . Today, when I arrived, I knew that it was your doing from the moment I laid eyes on you . "

His tone was very neutral, as if discussing everyday affairs with Wu Yu . But he had spoken exactly about what Wu Yu had feared . Wu Yu's small hopes that the Emperor had not found out seemed laughable now . As expected, he could not conceal it from such a being . There was no use prevaricating in such a situation . He, too, wanted a resolution to this, and so nodded frankly . "It was I, on the Taigu Immortal Path . "

"Oh? Brave of you to admit it . Speak, then . I see that you're not a bad person . Why put such a humiliating spirit design on my daughter?"

The Dark Sea Emperor sipped his tea lightly, his eyes regarding Wu Yu through the rising steam .

He was not like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor . The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was an immortal, and saw his princes and princesses as nothing but objects . Many of them had never even seen the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor .

He was more like an ordinary father .

Wu Yu could only steel himself and go for it . He judged that honesty was more valuable than anything else in this situation . No obfuscation would elude the Dark Sea Emperor's eyes .

In any case, the others that he had killed back on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform were the young talents of other powers, and nothing to do with the Dark Sea Emperor . Also, those people had died a long time ago, and everyone had probably forgotten about them . Therefore, the Dark Sea Emperor had no need to help others accuse Wu Yu . Besides, the Jambu Realm was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's domain . If the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor did not want Wu Yu dead, then not even the Eastern Region Duke himself could do otherwise .

Therefore, he summarized the events of the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, and finally said, "Back then, I was nothing . If I killed but one person, I would have to kill all . Or my life would be forfeit when I returned to the Jambu Realm . You Xue was the last person . Back then, she had a strong will to kill me, and I had not intended for her to live on . But in the end, she used the Soul Manipulation Blood Design to persuade me that she would never reveal the truth of the Immortals’ Viewing Platform . I did not want to kill needlessly, and so I acquiesced . "

There was nothing much to hide here .

"So the excessive deaths of the talents in the Taigu Immortal Path was all your doing . I understand everything now . " The Dark Sea Emperor nodded .

But Wu Yu knew that the worst had yet to come . What would he do about the truth? No father would be willing to see his daughter subject to such indignity .

"No wonder I saw the huge change in her . Her dao realm improved by leaps and bounds because of this . The Soul Manipulation Blood Design unexpectedly helped her to step onto the path of dao for good . However, Wu Yu, I understand the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, and these changes are not enough to persuade a father to allow his daughter to remain so vulnerable, are they?"

Against the Dark Sea Emperor's jarring combination of casual tone and grave words, Wu Yu took a steadying breath . "And what does the Grand Emperor wish for me to do? You Xue and I are already friends, and I have promised her that if I find a solution, I will definitely free her at the first opportunity . "

"And will you do anything that I wish?" The Dark Sea Emperor c.o.c.ked his head, regarding Wu Yu with his inky green eyes .

Wu Yu said, "Please say what you wish . " Naturally, he would not agree to just anything . After all, he did not know what the request would be .

The Dark Sea Emperor's face turned solemn . "Become dao companions with Xue Er, and live and die with her . Then I can trust you . "

Wu Yu was stuck . He frowned, only managing to say, "Dao companions.h.i.+p requires a mutual relations.h.i.+p . You Xue and I are not at this stage yet, I cannot agree . . . . "

"Do you think that my daughter is not a match for you?" the Dark Sea Emperor asked .

Wu Yu hurriedly said, "Not at all . "

The Dark Sea Emperor fell silent then, looking at Wu Yu . The tremendous pressure from his eyes continued to weigh on Wu Yu . Wu Yu's spirit was being tested, and he felt completely naked before him .

"I will not play with you anymore . I already understand the situation, and you were not in the wrong, from your point of view . But my daughter is a victim, and I must speak up for her . I have two things to tell you . "

"Grand Emperor, please speak on . " Wu Yu breathed easy . He felt that the Dark Sea Emperor should not force dao companions.h.i.+p upon them .

The Dark Sea Emperor looked outwards, where Princess You Xue was waiting nervously outside the door . A heavy look fell over his eyes . "Firstly, I will give you 10 years . In 10 years, you must find a way to remove the Soul Manipulation Blood Design . Otherwise, I will not be as courteous when I come to find you again . "

10 years .

Wu Yu could only nod . He knew that there was no bargaining room in such a matter . The Soul Manipulation Blood Design was an extremely difficult endeavor, and 10 years might not be enough, but the Dark Sea Emperor was at least courteous enough to give him that much time .

"And the second point?" Wu Yu asked .

The Dark Sea Emperor said, "The second is simpler . I know that you can kill You Xue at any time . If you die, You Xue dies too . No matter what, if there comes a day when you live, but she dies, I will personally send you the same way as well . "

No problem on this . Wu Yu nodded . "Do not worry . I do not have any ill intention towards her . We are currently fast friends . It was because of Princess You Xue's care in the Dark North Kingdom that I was able to tide through a difficult period, and even win the Dark North Royal Obelisk that you once used . "

"Done, then . The Dark North Royal Obelisk is not bad at all . Treat it well . Go about your business, then . Dismissed . "

It was over . Wu Yu had not expected things to go so smoothly . When the Dark Sea Emperor had dismissed him, he still felt burdened . Taking his leave of the Dark Sea Emperor, he had just come out to the anxious Princess You Xue, when the Dark Sea Emperor called for her to enter . When the two met, Wu Yu could only a.s.sure her that all was well .

And that calmed her down .

Prince Le and the others had been waiting outside for a while . When Wu Yu emerged, they were rather concerned . Wu Yu used a random excuse to stave off Prince Le's questioning .

And then they returned to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms’ gate . Today's business was not yet over . Especially in the few days before, the number of amba.s.sadors was overwhelming .

When Wu Yu and the others returned, they coincidentally b.u.mped into the Regent . Prince You and the others had recovered quite well, and they were speaking to the Regent . It was obvious that they were complaining about Wu Yu and Prince Le .

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