Doomsday Pillars summary:

2030 our world is ended.. the human race has been fighting for survival for 11 years. when the plague started it. bring death to 80% of the population. soon after. the death rises and kill more than half of the survivor.When we thought there was no more hope.. they come..1008 pillars drop from the sky. Spreading in more than 100 countries around the world. The pillars become a defensive bases to...

Doomsday Pillars Chapters

Time uploaded
119 Central Java Jul-10-19
118 Family Firs Jul-10-19
117 Christina Jul-10-19
116 Firebirds Jul-10-19
115 The Lion City Jul-10-19
114 The Fortitude Jul-10-19
111 Scary Though Jul-10-19
110 Tactic Jul-10-19
109 Black Carnage Jul-10-19
108 Compete Jul-10-19
107 Sneak In Jul-10-19
105 The Convicts Jul-10-19
104 The Strategis Jul-10-19
103 New Weapon Jul-10-19
102 Dancing Cattle Jul-10-19
101 Bangkalan City Jul-10-19
99 What A Crab Jul-10-19
98 Chalk Mines Jul-10-19
97 Surabaya Coas Jul-10-19
96 Father And Son Jul-10-19
94 Jakarta Base Jul-10-19
93 The Cavalry Jul-10-19
92 Daisy Flower Jul-10-19
91 The Misfits Jul-10-19
90 Unique Ability Jul-10-19
89 The Marke Jul-10-19
88 War Council Jul-10-19
87 Life And Hope Jul-10-19
86 Garuda Jul-10-19
85 Huge Beas Jul-10-19
84 The Cannon Jul-10-19
83 Brave Hear Jul-10-19
82 The Siege Jul-10-19
81 Night Battle Jul-10-19
80 It's The Eggs Jul-10-19
79 Panacea Jul-10-19
78 The Nes Jul-10-19
77 Fierce Battle Jul-10-19
76 Rattle The Cage Jul-10-19
75 War Of The Apes Jul-10-19
74 Second Stage Jul-10-19
72 Special Uni Jul-10-19
71 Be The Very Bes Jul-10-19
70 More Food Jul-10-19
69 Muscle Memory Jul-10-19
67 Join Us Jul-10-19
66 The Psychic Jul-10-19
65 The Wrestler Jul-10-19
64 7 Division Jul-10-19
63 Starbase Jul-10-19
62 Break The Party Jul-10-19
61 Sea Of Flames Jul-10-19
60 Surrounded Jul-10-19
59 Mutiny Jul-10-19
58 The Bai Jul-10-19
57 Last Duty Jul-10-19
55 Dusk Till Dawn Jul-10-19
54 Doomsday Restar Jul-10-19
52 No Hope Jul-10-19
51 Run And Run Jul-10-19
50 Dead Rises Jul-10-19
49 Red Eyes Jul-10-19
48 It's Nonsense Jul-10-19
45 The Decision Jul-10-19
44 Silent Nigh Jul-10-19
41 Special Friend Jul-10-19
40 Reaction Jul-10-19
39 Make It Viral Jul-10-19
38 The Duel Jul-10-19
36 The Scenario Jul-10-19
35 The Navy Jul-10-19
34 Back Home Jul-10-19
33 The Slaughter Jul-10-19
31 1 Vs 30 Jul-10-19
30 Mexico Ruins Jul-10-19
29 The Professor Jul-10-19
28 A Resolve Jul-10-19
26 Martial Ar Jul-10-19
25 Bullseye Jul-10-19
24 Ice Queen Jul-10-19
23 Death Squad Jul-10-19
22 West Regen Jul-10-19
21 Free Lunch Jul-10-19
20 Breakou Jul-10-19
19 Special Forces Jul-10-19
18 The 9 Dragons Jul-10-19
17 Not Enough Jul-10-19
16 Spirit Enhancer Jul-10-19
13 More Artifacts Jul-10-19
12 Power Up Jul-10-19
10 The Main Base Jul-10-19
9 Assembled Jul-10-19
8 The Bay City Jul-10-19
7 The Pries Jul-10-19
6 The General Jul-10-19
5 Shopping Lis Jul-10-19
3 The Land Of God Jul-10-19
2 Where To Star Jul-10-19
1 A Second Chance Jul-10-19
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