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Although Natasha's Mandarin wasn't as proficient as her parents, she was still able to make simple communication, which Su Tao felt that this would be convenient for his treatment.

"Please give us a minute! I need some time alone with Natasha." Su Tao smiled as he spoke to Shui Junzhuo and Irina.

Although she was worried about her daughter, Irina still left the room first.

Natasha widened her eyes as she looked at Su Tao in perplexion before saying, "You should give up… my illness… isn't something that can be treated."

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. "Your condition isn't hard to treat at all."

Natasha looked at Su Tao's face as she replied in disdain, "You're lying… many doctors have prescribed medicine for me, but it's not effective at all. You look pretty young, so I don't think that you're capable."

Su Tao never expected that Natasha would be so sharp-tongued. He opened his medical box. "Do you know why I asked them to leave?"

"Why?" Natasha looked at the medical box that permeated an ancient eastern aura.

"Because I know your secret that you did not tell anyone about." Su Tao calmly looked at Natasha. He had to make the latter confident of his ability.

"Nonsense!" Natasha panicked.

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, "Do you really intend to continue to grow fat? I've seen many of your photos, and you've also obtained many trophies. But you're really pretty in your photos, where you're confident and graceful. If you disappear from the tournament, I'm afraid many people will find it regretful."

"I-I will never practice again." Natasha bit on her lips as she tightened her fists.

"I know that you actually don't want to leave, but you still have lingering fears due to your body's condition. Actually, your condition isn't anything serious. You just have to cooperate with my treatment, and it won't be painful when you're in the tournament." Su Tao slowly went straight into the point.

Natasha was shocked as she looked at Su Tao and wondered if this young doctor really managed to find out her secret.

Otherwise, how could he know that she would have to suffer unbearable pain every time she practices or partic.i.p.ate in the tournament?

"Anyone can fall sick, but you can't be afraid of it, since there's always a method to treat it." Su Tao patiently persuaded as he continued, "I hope that you can believe me. Even if this is not a condition that's appropriate for you to speak of, please believe in me. I will treat you and also keep this a secret for you."

Hearing Su Tao's words, Natasha's cheeks blushed as she lowered her head.

"What's my illness?" Natasha worriedly asked. "Is it a terminal illness? I'm horrified whenever I see so much blood… especially after my practice… am I going to die?"

As Natasha spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Your condition is actually very simple, it just seems terrifying." Su Tao sighed, "The reason why you're losing so much blood is... because of hemorrhoids."

"Hemorrhoids?" Natasha was shocked as she looked at Su Tao.

"That's right; your hemorrhoid is also known as exercise-induced hemorrhoids." Su Tao could understand Natasha's difficulty. After all, it's natural for a young girls' mentality to change after experiencing heavy bleeding immediately after vigorous activity

Furthermore, her hemorrhoid bleeds, especially in large amounts, which caused the lack of iron in her body.

The reason why she started binge-eating was because of her body's instinct. Since she has lost so much blood, then she naturally had to replenish it somehow.

Hemorrhoid was something that cannot be detected through apparatuses, and the ways to discover it was through observation and contact to detect the changes, but there were also some that cannot be felt through touch.

Natasha was still a young lady, and even if she's afraid, it was natural that she wasn't willing to reveal that spot of her body. Hence, she suppressed it in the depths of her heart, which was the reason why it became an unusual illness in the eyes of many doctors.

Natasha has also searched endless information on the internet, so she curiously asked, "I will also get hemorrhoids even if I exercise frequently?"

"Many people have this misconception that hemorrhoids are caused by sitting for a long time, so it must be good to exercise frequently. But hemorrhoids are caused by the heightened pressure in the abdomen, like squats, sit-ups, and other similar exercises that put a strain on the abdomen." Su Tao knew that Natasha wasn't too proficient in Mandarin, so it was useless if he explained it too in-depth. He could only simplify it, "Chances of athletes getting hemorrhoids are higher, especially weight-lifters since they have to exert strength on their abdomen for a long time."

Natasha blinked as she sighed, which her mood instantly brightened up and she smiled. "So I'm not the only one with this condition!"

Su Tao smiled as it's a condition that's not common for western countries, so Natasha was at a loss when she got it at such a young age.

In China, there's a saying of 9 out of 10 men and 10 out of 10 women as it was mainly due to their diet. People in China are fond of eating spicy, which is entirely the opposite for those in western countries, who do not take much greasy food either.

However, Natasha's hemorrhoid has nothing to do with her diet; it was mainly due to her high-intensity practices that caused a considerable strain to her abdomen, which her veins swelled up and ultimately led to bleeding.

"Your condition is common, but it's also uncommon for you to have it at such a young age." Su Tao patiently smiled, "Now, are you willing to accept my treatment?"

"Ah?" Natasha instantly blushed as she suggested, "Why don't you give me some medicine, and I can apply it myself!"

Hearing her words, Su Tao was instantly stunned as he knew that Natasha had misunderstood him.

Natasha probably felt that since it's bleeding, then the treatment must be to stop the bleeding.

When she thinks of that private spot being seen by others, she instantly felt uncomfortable.

Taking out silver needles from his medical box, Su Tao explained, "You can listen to my treatment method first. Firstly, I will use acupuncture to clear up your meridians before giving you some medicine to consume on a daily basis. You will recover in roughly two months, but then again, there's also a faster way. I can prescribe you with herbal medicine for you to sit in for thirty minutes before sleeping, which there will be an effect within a week, and you will recover in half a month."

"I naturally want the faster way!" Natasha's eyes lit up as she sighed in relief. If Su Tao suggested that he wanted to check her b.u.t.t, then she really had no idea how she should face it.

Natasha wasn't like her mother, who firmly believed in Kelov's ability. She was now convinced by the young Su Tao, since the latter managed to see through her condition. Furthermore, he did not reveal it to the public and kept her secret.

After a brief hesitation, she asked, "Can you help me keep this a secret?"

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. "I will keep secrets for most of my patients, but I feel that you shouldn't hide it from your mother."

Gritting her teeth, Irina hesitated, "My mother only knows how to pester me to practice, but she has no idea of the pain I have to go through. Can you imagine how much pain I have to bear every single time? In her eyes, I'm just her capital to flaunt!"

Su Tao let out a sigh. He did not expect that Natasha and Irina would have such a deep knot between them. It was no wonder why she did not tell her mother about her condition. Generally speaking, there were no secrets between mother and daughter.

Treatment wasn't only on the surface, but the heart as well.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao persuaded, "Natasha, I think there's a misunderstanding between you and your mother. At least in the eyes of others, she's extremely concerned about your condition. Why don't we do a test? If she's not someone like you've imagined, can you forgive her?"

"How are we going to test her?" Natasha looked at Su Tao with expectations.

Moving over to Natasha, Su Tao whispered in the former's ears, which she nodded her head without any hesitation.

"I will now conduct treatment for you, but you don't have to worry about it; it won't hurt!" Su Tao's impression of Natasha was pretty good. Although she comes from a n.o.ble family, she has received Rhythmic Gymnastics training since young, so she has more perseverance than an ordinary girl.

Just imagine how much courage and perseverance she had to go through the past year from the ma.s.sive bleeding after her training and keeping it a secret.

There's a phrase in the medical book recorded in Bianque's Acupuncture Scripture back in the Mongol Dynasty; acupuncture can be used for hemorrhoids, which can be treated with the Erbai Acupoints.

The Erbai Acupoints are cla.s.sical acupoints used to treat hemorrhoids, which were separated into four, with two located on each forearm, four inches away from the palm. They could be found by stretching the arm out with the palm facing up.

Su Tao swiftly inserted four needles into Natasha's forearms, and to guarantee the effect, he even used acupuncture on the Huiyang and Chengshan Acupoints. The two acupoints were considered part of the urinary bladder channel, which could be used to remove stasis.

The Chengshan Acupoint was located at the back of the leg, but the Huiyang Acupoint was situated in a somewhat awkward position, it was near the tailbone.

The two acupoints were incredibly useful in treating blood in the stool as well as Hemorrhoids, and even if it's located in a sensitive position, Su Tao still had to do the acupuncture.

Fortunately, Natasha was cooperative. She laid down according to Su Tao's instructions and Su Tao gently pulled her trousers before he swiftly inserted a needle into the Huiyang Acupoint.

Although she was bashful, Natasha constantly tried to convince herself that this was a treatment, and that Su Tao wouldn't take advantage of her.

Looking at Natasha's ample b.u.t.t, Su Tao sighed in his heart. He hoped that Natasha could recover to who she once was after the treatment.

At this moment, Natasha was a fat chick. Despite looking somewhat lovable, she no longer had the elegance. Since Su Tao was someone who emphasised on the appearance, he had to admit that he preferred Natasha when she was still the Queen of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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