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Chapter 2757 Arranging Matters

"Yes, I am going to leave."

Davis pursed his lips, appearing apologetic, "I'll make it up to you beauties one day, preferably after the banquet."

"No," Mingzhi's voice became gentle, "You have done enough, but if you're going to leave, can't you take me with you?"

Davis became taken aback by Mingzhi's pleading voice. He thought for a moment before nodding his head, "Sure, as long as you agree to abide by my words and not act out of place, I'll take you out."

"Yes!~" Mingzhi pumped her fist, appearing elated as she turned to look at the others, only to immediately notice their lips move.

"Then I'm coming too."

"Me too."

"My divinations can be helpful~"


Isabella, s.h.i.+rley, and Tia spoke, and Bylai was about to utter when Davis waved his hand.

"No can do."

"Why!?" Bylai looked crestfallen, causing Davis to walk to her and calm her by patting her head.

"Because the Golden Dragon Clan made a fuss about you and knew you very well. If you people were found, you would be easily identified as my family. On the other hand, Mingzhi is relatively unknown."

"Hehe, there are perks to staying silent and striking at the right time, you know~"

Mingzhi grinned at the others, her chin high as though she had done something great, causing Fiora to be flabbergasted before she uttered.

"Then what about me? Am I not relatively unknown?"

Davis couldn't help but smile, "You can come, including Schleya, Katherine, and... you."

He pointed at a purple-robed woman still beside Myria, causing her to be stunned.

"Me? I'm not coming!~"

Vereina shook her head.

"Then you have no other choice but to be imprisoned here."

Davis smiled, causing Vereina to hide behind Myria again.

"Fellow disciples, there's a man bullying me here. Is no one going to help me?"

She cried out, appearing to want the harem to intervene.


However, only after a second did she notice that these people were truly his people.

Seeing their eerie smiles directed at her, Vereina felt shaken. For a moment, she felt that even if he were to make a move on her, they would still be watching. She felt this place was dangerous, causing her to stiffly nod her head.

"Fine, I'll come with you."

Although Myria was beside her, she appeared to be unresponsive at this moment, causing her to be tame.

While Davis was making fun of Vereina, a few others were in their own worlds.

Schleya was not surprised as she knew that Davis was indeed going to act as an, which also suited her battle style. As long as she wore a disguise, she was confident that she wouldn't be exposed. But still, the thought of going out with Davis couldn't somehow make her fingers tremble.

However, the same couldn't be said about Katherine. She was practically stunned, wondering why she would be chosen at this moment.

Wasn't she supposed to help all the ladies with menial tasks as she was graced by the way they treated her all this while?

Davis was picky with his women this time. Although everyone's face was probably exposed, as long as they disguised themselves, he felt that there wouldn't be any problems because they were practically different beings with how their powers developed.

Fiora was practically a sharpened blade that could cut through anything in his eyes, while Mingzhi exuded some kind of strange energy he couldn't place his finger on. With their changes, he believed that they wouldn't be caught, so he accepted their wants.

But as for the others, he could only say 'next time', including Nadia and Tanya.

He was unable to take them since they would be quickly exposed as his women, and he couldn't take Lereza out either, considering that she could only go around a few thousand-kilometer radius because she was bound to the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace.

'Or is she really bound...?'

Davis didn't know as Lereza always revealed little information to him, perhaps from not wanting to make him rely too much on her but at the same time, he could see that she was warming up to him more than he thought she would, which was a good thing.

Nonetheless, after placating his women, he waved his hand.

"Isabella, s.h.i.+rley, Bylai, and Zestria. I'll see you all at the banquet."

"We two are going as well?" Zestria pointed at herself and Bylai, looking confused.

"Yes, the Dragons and Phoenixes will not miss this opportunity and converge at the banquet, making it a lively one by my calculations. Therefore, the Golden Dragon Clan and Fire Phoenix Clan will expect me to bring you two, not that I'm going to be alive in their eyes, but still, if you two show up, the misunderstanding between us will come undone."

"Then we'll go~"

Zestria and Bylai replied. They also wanted to see what would happen there as Davis let them know he was going to make things clear once and for all there, meaning no more second chances for the Earth Dragon Clan and the Fire Phoenix Clan.

Somewhere in their hearts, they couldn't help but feel excited, wanting the day of the banquet to come sooner.

"Who do we go with?" Isabella asked, wanting to be thorough.

Davis thought for a moment before he answered, "I'm sure Elder Aradiel Furiose would attend with us as he's the one who oversaw our talks back then. Other than him, you can rely on Tanya and Nadia."

"What if you don't come, or the Fire Phoenix Clan and the Earth Dragon Clan try to do something?"

"That's a good question."

Davis lightly smiled at s.h.i.+rley, walking towards her before leaning towards her face, "You will know... what would happen at the spot if they do something like that."


s.h.i.+rley's crimson eyes rippled, her heart pounding with much expectation that she started to blush red from the way he spoke and the distance between their faces.

Davis raised his hand and flicked her forehead, leaving her pouting as she held her forehead before he inwardly sighed, thinking that all was finished except a few more matters, causing him to turn and look towards two figures whose presence exuded a peculiar aroma that was neither fragrant nor smelly but somewhere in the middle.

"Tina and Dalila, how have you two been?"

His voice was soothing as he asked them, causing Tina to smile lightly with a graceful look etched on her facial features.

"We're fine. You go do your thing."

"Yes." Dalila grinned with elation, "Although we're cooped up, we learned so many things and even caused Mingzhi to comprehend-"

Abruptly, Tina shut Dalila's mouth with her hand, causing Davis to raise his brows.

"Oh? That's something to look forward to."

Tina let go of Dalila, and only then did Dalila look apologetically toward Mingzhi before returning her gaze to Davis.

"What I was saying was that we learned a lot, and our alchemy knowledge is equal to an Immortal King Alchemist whose knowledge is required across the First Haven World and is respected no matter where they go."

Hearing Dalila, Davis looked pleasantly surprised, "Early?"



Davis raised his brows as the answer he heard from Dalila shocked him.

"There's the Master realm in Immortal King Realm which is above the High realm, but no one can reach such heights since the treasures around the world are endless, new mutations in wildlife popping up almost every few years. However, there are exams that award such t.i.tles if alchemists are up to date in their knowledge every hundred years."


Tina explained, causing Davis to think about it as he nodded his head.

"I see. I admire you two as you have far surpa.s.sed me."

"Hehe~" Dalila seemed happy from the praise, her expression genuine, "If this was a closed race, surely, you would have won as you had defeated us once."

"But it's not the case anymore. We concentrate on separate fields, and with everyone looking after or focusing on one field while looking after one another, we're invincible. Don't you think so?"


Tina and Dalila grinned without reserve. The more they threw themselves into alchemy, the more they were rewarded for their efforts in the end, as they had created a lot of mind-boggling pills at their small level.

With Ellia practically telling them unavailable or unknown recipes, it could be said that they fattened every one of their members into becoming innately strong, which made them feel like learning like this, cooped up all year long, was extremely worth it!

"That said, Dalila. I have something for you to learn. Would you like to get your hands on it?"

"What is it?"

Davis was giving her something? Dalila was eager and delighted, appearing like a child with her cute face as she extended out her hands.

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