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Chapter 2758 Leaving In Disguise

After arranging everything, Davis left his estate with a few people.

Fortunately, he was able to contact the Void Dust Empress using Stella, so he was able to successfully leave the Aurora Cloud Gate without getting caught. Otherwise, he would've tripped alarms, making a huge commotion at the gates and getting exposed to it.

"Thank you, Grand Elder."

After they descended on a mountain peak, Davis turned to look at the Void Dust Empress and bowed his head.

"I won't ask why, but I hope it's for the best."

Wix Voidfield spoke in a soft tone, her figure disappearing into the void as she left them near their destination.

"I do hope so too."

Davis lazily stretched his body before taking a deep breath as though getting to see the world outside for the first time. He turned around to look and saw the others raising their heads from their bows.

Each of them was clad in black robes with intricate patterns and designs, their hairstyles different, while their foreheads were also etched with different kinds of beauty marks, courtesy of Mingzhi, who took her time disguising everyone with utter focus and delight.

Even Katherine was dressed in a black robe, having many stripes on her arms and legs that made her look more like a fey than a magical beast who had turned human.

Only Fiora wore a dark green robe, but even that looked excellent and cool on her, practically making her the most attractive of them all. With them wearing opaque veils, they were almost unidentifiable to their previous selves.

"Woah, you even got a connection with a Grand Elder, and it's the Void Dust Empress at that who laid waste to the G.o.dwin Family at first. Looks like I have to change my mind."

Vereina spoke as her seductive eyes gleamed.

"What?" Davis scoffed, "You thought of escaping once you were outside? That's not going to happen under my watch."

"Why are you worrying so much?" Vereina pouted, "We Divergents have to look after each other. Otherwise, we won't be able to survive."

"If you truly think that, then this shouldn't be a problem. You're all alone in this world, so you don't need to be in a hurry to go anywhere. Besides, sticking beside and surviving means reaping a lot of benefits. Take advantage of this opportunity."

Davis advised Vereina, causing her to be dumbfounded. He was forcing her to be together with him and then telling her to take advantage of the opportunity?

"You rogue, hmph~"

She turned to look away and folded her hands, appearing to be upset. She felt that this was the same scenario when he kidnapped her and disallowed her to leave for a few days, but now, he was keeping her on watch by his side, disallowing her to leave till an unknown period.

She didn't like this situation at all.

Davis shrugged and led the party further, causing Vereina to be left alone at the mountain peak. Looking at them leave without bothering her, she clenched her teeth and reluctantly followed.


The sound of rus.h.i.+ng water was everywhere in the forest.

The light from the sky fell on the flowing waterways and reflected on their bark. Even though the sun shone brightly, there were no birdsong or animal sounds, just the sound of falling water: running streams among the rocks, gurgling under the surface where there wasn't room for them to run, trickling through holes worn into rock faces by years of flowing water.

This was a spectacular scenery that they hadn't seen for a long time, causing them to look like they were not mysterious black-robed figures at all as they enjoyed the scenery and the sounds of nature.

"By the way, now that Feng Chu is officially dead, what would happen to the contribution points? If I recall correctly, you got an enormous amount of contribution points deposited into your name a few days ago."

Mingzhi wondered as she looked at Davis, causing him to react with remembrance.

"Ah, that Evelynn would receive it since she's my first wife, as stated according to the laws of the Aurora Cloud Gate. She would put it to good use."

"Then that's good."

"And where are we going?" Fiora asked, causing Davis to smile.

"A hideout of the Ghost Tear Hall."

Fiora raised her brows in astonishment as she looked around. Such a peaceful and serene location held the hideout of an organization.

"Are we going to register?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Of course not. You'll be acting as my subordinates. Otherwise, you'll be bound to the rules of the Ghost Tear Hall, which would make it difficult for me to protect you four."


Vereina narrowed her eyes at him. Protect? Looking around, she saw that there were only four people excluding him.

"In the meantime, I'll go take some missions related to the Zyrus Family that's nearby. Rumors say that they're still looking for Mo Tian and Dead End, who killed their Young Master candidate. Gotta make use of that to make me appear real once again."

Davis grinned, causing the beauties to giggle, telling him that he was wicked.


Suddenly, they came to a stop as they noticed a battle going on in the distance, rustling the leaves and breaking trees all over the place as a huge immortal beast rammed into a group of cultivators who looked as though they were mercenaries hunting for immortal beasts.

It was a rhinoceros with a golden crystal horn. Its body was also armored in golden and seemed to have intricate carvings of Gold Laws carved into it. Just its pure rush without any form of energy hovering over it shook the mountains and trees and even caused the flow of the river to change with every step it took.

At a glance, Davis and the others recognized it to be a Golden Vajra Rhinoceros, something that was known for its crystal horn that sold for a high price even in its current realm because it was a precious main ingredient to create a powerful artifact.

However, seeing that these people were just at Late Immortal Stage, Davis and the others didn't bother being more careful than necessary and continued to pa.s.s through.


Instantly, a brown-skinned man in the party noticed Davis and the others flying above them.

"Fellow cultivators, this prey is ours~"

He shouted, his thick, muscle body clenching to stop the Golden Vajra Rhinoceros's rush.


The golden crystal horn hit the brown-skinned man's s.h.i.+eld and sent him flying as the Golden Vajra Rhinoceros rammed and flicked its head, sending him flying towards Davis.

Davis and the others came to a stop as they saw the man flying towards them, appearing to be unable to control himself. Just as Davis raised his hand, wanting to help the man stabilize mid-air, he abruptly took out a crossbow and shot out.


The arrow's blade s.h.i.+ned from reflecting the sunlight, but one could also see a layer of liquid laced on it.

Nonetheless, Davis simply kept raising his head, intending to catch the arrow, when suddenly, the s.p.a.ce in front of him shook, causing a tiny spatial vortex to appear.


The arrow shot into the spatial vortex and shot out from another spatial vortex, heading straight towards the man who held the crossbow, causing his scalp to turn numb before he flipped in mid-air.


A few drops of blood splashed from his body, causing the man to stomp mid-air and instantly retreat as he held his waist.

He barely managed to evade it, but seeing that he was wounded by the own arrow he sent, his expression turned unsightly.


The other members of the team quickly surrounded Davis's group while one of them hurriedly went to their so-called boss to apply something over his waist. The mind-boggling thing was even the Golden Vajra Rhinoceros ran to the brown-skimmed man, but instead of stomping or running him over to death, it appeared worried, glaring at Davis and the others with viciousness in its eyes.

"Bandits?" Vereina blinked.

As soon as she saw this scene, she knew these people tried to bait them using a lure such as the Golden Vajra Rhinoceros, but in truth, it was probably the burly man's tamed immortal beast.

On the other hand, Davis glanced to look at his people and nodded, 'I knew it. These exquisite black robes aren't intimidating enough.'

Even he wore something like a regal black robe with intricate designs instead of a plain black robe that would emanate a mysterious air, which he felt had made them targets of these foolish people.

However, his gaze was still on Mingzhi, "Woah, you improved your comprehension of s.p.a.ce Laws?"

Mingzhi's eyes creased as though she was smiling brightly behind her veil.

Just now, she had used her powers to redirect the arrow's flight path by simply opening two vortexes in s.p.a.ce, one connected to the other. She had done at the last second that even the burly man almost didn't see it coming.

It was just even Mingzhi in their group had reached Level Nine Immortal Stage, causing the burly man and his group to turn incredibly wary of them as they tried to retreat one step at a time, slowly but cautiously.

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