Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1096 - A Love That Accompanies Her Growth

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Chapter 1096: A Love That Accompanies Her Growth

Since he had a chance to observe Ye Jian at a close distance, the major general accessed her with extremely strict criteria. From her speech to her att.i.tude, from her ability to her intelligence, from her physical and mental quality to her technique training, he needed to have an objective evaluation of Ye Jian within these seven days.

Ye Jian didn’t know that she was being a.s.sessed. She also didn’t know that Xia Jinyuan asked her to stay at the armored force for one week because he wanted the major general to a.s.sess her personally and not via reports he submits to the major general.

Before Ye Jian became an official member of the Xueyu unit, there were many things Xia Jinyuan couldn’t tell Ye Jian or explain to her. Everything was progressing slowly in her best interest. He was holding Ye Jian’s hand and letting her enter his world step by step, letting her enter the world that she couldn’t imagine.

What kind of love was the most beautiful? Xia Jinyuan didn’t know. He only knew how to hold her hand and accompany her using the method she liked as she continued growing.

Seven days. Every day, the major general would give Ye Jian a score based on her comprehensive ability. He would do it personally. After Ye Jian left, this evaluation was sent to the military headquarters as a top-secret doc.u.ment.

Ye Jian’s departure made Company Commander Zuo heave a sigh of relief. She was able to carry cannons, carry guns, kill people, save people, and had an amazingly accurate shooting skill… Even as a company commander, he felt pressured.

After Ye Jian boarded the plane, he couldn’t bear to part with her. He said to the major general, “Major general, this kind of soldier can ignite the compet.i.tiveness in our male soldiers.”

“You’d better calm down. Every time she finished training and you saw that she’s stronger than your men, you would be roaring even in the middle of the night. Fortunately, she had a strong mentality. If not, she might have ran away in fright.” The major general watched the helicopter as it rose into the air and flew towards the mountains afar. He smiled and said to the company commander, “I heard you shouting throughout the entire Chinese New Year and you still want to put Ye Jian in our unit? The officers might argue with you!”

As he spoke, the major general’s gaze turned cold. “You need to make your training harder. If one or two of your men can’t defeat her, I can understand. However, she defeated four ‘sentinels’ consecutively in the middle of the night and none of you discovered it. Even I feel embarra.s.sed!”

He was reprimanding the company commander, but in his heart, he was extremely satisfied with Ye Jian’s performance. As a member from the Xueyu unit, it was normal for her to defeat four sentinels!

Company Commander Zuo straightened his back and saluted. “Yes!”

The story that one female soldier defeated four sentinels spread in the military unit for a long time. Everyone wanted to know who this female soldier was but no one knew who she was. She wore camo cream on her face every day. Who would know who she was?

The sun at the borders was bright and sunny but the Southern Province was still cold. Ye Jian stepped on the snow as she returned to her district in the Southern Province.

Uncle Chen knew that she would be back so he had already prepared dinner for her. When Ye Jian pushed open the door, which was pasted with a Spring Festival couplet, she saw an elder with white hair pacing around the room with a slight stagger.

“Grandpa Gen!” Ye Jian’s slightly trembling voice was filled with surprise. She threw the bag in her hand directly on the ground. She ran into the living room without taking off her shoes. “Grandpa Gen, why did you travel so far? Why did you… come?”

Her voice was shaking and her eyes turned red. Tears were s.h.i.+mmering in them. “The journey here is more than ten hours by car. How can your body bear with it?”

Four years had pa.s.sed. Grandpa Gen was already 80 years old. His hair was entirely white and he was staggering slightly as he walked. However, his back was still straight. No matter how long it had been, this Cla.s.s A Master Sergeant still maintained his dignity.

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Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1096 - A Love That Accompanies Her Growth summary

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