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Chapter 510: Huge Tyc.o.o.n

“Just give this a try first and see,” said Su Yizhi leisurely as he drank his herbal tea. He seemed to have long guessed at Ling Chuxi’s thoughts and did not find her reaction at all surprising.

It was hard for Ling Chuxi to reject again so soon, so she flipped open one of the account books. Her eyes immediately became as wide as saucers and her pupils instantly morphed into the shape of two s.h.i.+nny gold ingots! ‘Mountain of Gold! These are all tyc.o.o.ns! This is a list of rich men!’ These were the thoughts currently running through Ling Chuxi’s mind.

In the beginning, she only knew that the Su family clan had lived in seclusion in Rejuvenation Valley where there were very few people. The family farmed herbs and each of them were not all that different from other village farmers. It was only when she saw the information contained in these accounting books did she realize how sufficient the forces of the Su family were.

The medical clinics owned by the Su family were spread across almost the entire mainland. Even the two famous clinics in Nan Xia Country were the properties under the Su family’s name. To own so many medical clinics, even using the term ‘receiving a bucket of gold daily’ to describe the wealth of the Su family was not the least bit an exaggeration.

Additionally, the network resources of the Su family was very abundant. Quite a number of well-known physicians were the disciples and grand disciples of the Su family’s Resurrection Hall. That Master Sun who had made a bet with Ling Chuxi at the Xiao family residence in Dong Xing Country and lost his entire medical clinic as a result was actually a disciple of the Su family despite having a different family name.

And due to the Su family’s superb medical skills, even quite a number of royal families had secret connections with them. In the past, Ling Chuxi only knew that the Lan family was considered a n.o.ble family and that the Xiao family was a thousand-year-old rich and powerful family, but in comparison to the Su family, they were practically just drops of water in the ocean. If the Su family wanted to support a family clan or destroy one, it was certainly a matter of great ease for them.

Ling Chuxi flipped through the account book, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng chaotically with dollar signs. So much money. With so many properties, with such a wide network, how much money did the Su family truly earn? Ling Chuxi had once thought that she had won quite a bit of money for herself at the gambling houses and could more or less be considered a little rich lady. But after seeing the properties of the Su family, she finally found out how poor she actually was.

“As long as you are willing to lead the Su family’s disciples in reviving the Golden Pill Sect, all of this will be yours,” said Su Yizhi when he saw the golden stars s.h.i.+nning in Ling Chuxi’s eyes.

Temptation, this was a blatant temptation. Ling Chuxi started to doubt Su Yizhi’s character. By him taking this account book out to show her, was it not an act of tempting people into making a mistake? Too much. What kind of an expert was this? Despicable, argh, how despicable!

“Old Su, I’ve thought it through. I really am still unable to take on such a huge responsibility,” said Ling Chuxi as she closed the account book with great difficulty. To be honest, she was truly a bit moved, but thinking about it, if the Su family who had such great wealth was still unable to revive the sect, one could just imagine how hard and difficult it would be. Ling Chuxi did not wish to go all out on this task till she died.

“Don’t you want to find the other Divine Stones Of Chaos? You need to know that only by gathering all five of them would you be able to see through the mysteries of heaven and earth, predict life and death and avoid the reincarnation cycle of life and death, and become the strongest cultivator at the peak of cultivation,” countered Su Yizhi, leading Ling Chuxi on once more. To any cultivator, this was something that was even harder to resist than money. Su Yizhi seemed to have noticed that Ling Chuxi was extremely interested in the Divine Stones Of Chaos, therefore he tried to use another way of trying to get through to her.

“Do you know where they are?” asked Ling Chuxi excitedly and with a frown at the same time. She was not that interested in becoming the strongest cultivator at the peak of cultivation, but the stones were related to the mystery of her origins and that was a bigger temptation to her.

“I do not, but various sects have been searching for them for over tens of thousands of years. Perhaps there is already someone who has found it, but it is merely the case that such news of its discovery has been sealed. If you want to gather these five Divine Stones Of Chaos, then it is hard to avoid becoming enemies with the other great sects. When the time comes, the Golden Pill Sect will be your greatest aid. Furthermore, if this bead on your hand is truly the Dazzling Heart Stone, it would be hard to avoid attracting the coveting gazes of others, right?” continued Su Yizhi.

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