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Chapter 725: No Hope for Revenge

Ye Qianhe fled so quickly that Ling Chuxi couldn’t reach him in time. When she finally recovered from her shock, the old pervert had already disappeared from sight. The young men and maidens also recovered from their shock, threw down the palanquin and flower baskets, and ran away.

“Why is he so afraid of you?” Lan Xinyu finally asked Ling Chuxi suspiciously.

“Last time we met, I slapped him a couple of times, so he’s probably afraid of me now.” Ling Chuxi blinked and guessed.

Lan Xinyu looked at Ling Chuxi weirdly and was silent for a long time, then muttered in disgust: “Pervert.” n.o.body knew whether she was talking about Ye Qianhe or Ling Chuxi.

Lan Xinyu was sure of one thing—in this lifetime, wanting to take revenge on Ling Chuxi was a hopeless dream. She was destined to live a life of being tortured.

“Careful!” Just as Ling Chuxi and the rest walked over to the stalls, a shout was suddenly heard from the crowd.

Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu instantly turned around and saw a small child standing underneath an old house, looking dazed. The old house looked like it had endured many years of wind and rain, and thanks to the strong winds created by Ye Qianhe, it was shaking as if it was going to fall apart. The speed at which it was crumbling became faster, but the child didn’t move, touching the pendant on his chest and looking lost.

A few people rushed towards the child, but with their speed, they would not be able to make it in time.

Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu immediately flew over to the child, but although they were quick, the distance was still too far. It seemed like the child would be crushed by the crumbling house.

Lan Xinyu cursed and flicked her wrist. Her golden whip surged forward, but it was still not long enough to reach the child. Ling Chuxi, however, knew what Lan Xinyu was planning, and put strength into her feet and leaped up. The golden whip curved into a beautiful arc, curling around Ling Chuxi’s waist and propelling her forward.

Ling Chuxi borrowed the whip’s momentum to increase her speed, and her body shot forward like an arrow leaving a bow.

The old house crashed to the ground, and a thick cloud of dust filled the air. After a while, the dust scattered, revealing Ling Chuxi. She was carrying the child, and the two of them were completely unharmed, standing beside the rubble.

Everyone sighed in relief. If not for Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu’s tacit cooperation, the child would be buried under the rubble right now.

“Little sister, are you alright?” Lan Xinyu rushed over and touched the little child’s head.

The little child didn’t move, blank eyes staring ahead and hands clutching at the pendant on his chest.

“It’s a boy.” Ling Chuxi rolled her eyes at Lan Xinyu.

Only then did Lan Xinyu take a closer look at the child, and saw that it was a boy who looked to be about seven or eight years old. His face was dusty, but his features were more delicate than a girl’s. His long hair was tied into a ponytail, and he could easily be mistaken for a girl. His gaze was bleak, but his eyes were clear and deep.

“Oh, it’s a little brother! I’m sorry, I was mistaken. Where is your family? Why did you run here all alone?” Lan Xinyu laughed awkwardly and asked.

The little boy didn’t respond at all, as if he could not see or hear anything.

“Could he be deaf?” Lan Xinyu mumbled to herself, a little frustrated.

Hearing her words, the little boy turned to look at her intently. His eyes briefly turned pitch black, then returned to normal.

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