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Chapter 2920 Fake Protective Talisman

"I'll have someone prepare some food and wine immediately. You must be tired from your journey," Hu Erhua offered hospitably. "I'll personally welcome you all, and we can discuss matters over a meal."

Hu Erhua signaled one of his subordinates standing nearby with a meaningful look. The subordinate understood and departed. Soon after, a table laden with delicious food and wine was brought to entertain Qiao Mu's group.

Mo Lian cast a half-smile at the fellow and, holding Qiaoqiao's small hand, led the way to a seat.

Chen Qi and Lu Zheng also took their seats, while the young monk remained as serene as a breeze. He occupied a wooden chair to the side, continuing to tap on the wooden fish while murmuring his chants.

Hu Erhua was taken aback and wore an awkward smile. "Folks, have a look at this young monk…"

"Oh, the little monk is a vegetarian and isn't accustomed to eating fish or meat. Please prepare a bowl of rice soup for him and place it by his side," Mo Lian stated casually.

Hu Erhua hesitated. In truth, he wanted to ask the child to stop the incessant tapping. The sound was giving him gooseb.u.mps.

"Are you feeling unwell?" Qiao Mu furrowed her brow, glancing at the village chief who had joined them at the table. She quirked a small smile and spoke casually, "Ordinary people might find the sound of the wooden fish a bit annoying at most. Only those affected by malevolent yin energy or wandering spirits would be disturbed by it."

"Oh, don't tell me you two are…" Qiao Mu theatrically moved closer to Mo Lian's side and leaned against her, regarding the village chief and Erhua with suspicion.

The two viscounts' faces twitched slightly, and they hastily waved their hands. "You must be jesting, young lady. We couldn't possibly be wandering spirits."

"Look, look! We all cast shadows on the ground," the village chief pointed hurriedly at the ground, and a protective talisman on a red string slipped from his collar.

Qiao Mu playfully glanced at the two of them. "It appears that everyone in your blissful village is wearing these protective talismans."

Along their path, she had noticed many stalls selling protective talismans hanging from red ropes.

But were these truly protective talismans?

Qiao Mu's lips curled into a frosty smile.

"Yes, yes, of course," the village chief hastened to agree and promptly poured wine for Mo Lian, Chen Qi, and Lu Zheng. "Let's drink, let's drink. Don't be shy, everyone. And please, enjoy your meal."

Setting down her wine gla.s.s with one hand, Mo Lian fixed a cold gaze on Hu Erhua. "Tell us, why did you lead us here?"

"In truth, you must be aware that we didn't come in search of long-lost relatives," Mo Lian continued, her patience with pretense worn thin. She gestured with a flick of her fingers, revealing the protective talisman attached to the red string around her neck. "Can you enlighten us about this?"

Their original objective had been to enter the underground village for investigation. Now that they were inside, there was no need for further niceties.

The village chief's expression darkened, and he clapped his hands twice.

Dozens of robust men with swift movements quickly emerged from the central room, encircling Mo Lian and her group.

"You audacious intruders," the Elder Village Chief sneered, his tone dripping with scorn. "You've chosen to march into h.e.l.l rather than walk the path to heaven. I had initially contemplated welcoming you as part of our blissful village, but since you've shown such shamelessness, you shall all perish…"

Suddenly, a grade-one black mist emanated from the protective talisman in Mo Lian's grasp, swiftly surging toward the village chief's face.

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