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Chapter 2921 The Physical Master's Paradise

The Elder Village Chief's lips curled into a sardonic smirk as he mused to himself, These young folks are still too naive.

He had been on alert from the moment they had suddenly appeared in the Blissful Village.

Furthermore, the young lady had casually spun a tale to him, claiming she was searching for her relatives. He had sensed something amiss at the time. This group likely had information and wanted to use him to further their investigation.

So, he had played along, intending to hand them the protective talisman while secretly gaining control over these intruders. Little did he know…

As the black aura surged toward Mo Lian's face, her body immediately radiated a faint Buddhist light that effectively repelled the dark fog. The black mist retreated in trepidation.

If an accomplished Daoist or monk were present, they would surely be astounded by the profoundness of the young monk's Dharma.

It turned out that as the young monk tapped on the wooden fish and chanted, he created a Swastika boundary around Qiao Mu's group. The golden light was so intense that it remained invisible to ordinary observers.

The already subtle malevolent intent, pushed back by the Buddhist light, now resembled a delicate white flower drifting in the wind and rain, on the brink of dispersing.

Of course, the Elder Village Chief and Erhua were unable to perceive this Buddha Seal boundary. Even Mo Lian and Qiao Mu could only sense a gentle warmth enveloping them.

The others remained entirely hidden from their view.

The young monk finally ceased his tapping on the wooden fish and raised his gaze. His jade-white visage bore a solemn expression as he addressed the situation. "Benefactors, the sea of suffering is vast. Repent, and you shall find salvation. If you turn away from the path of hatred in time, I can still save your lives. Otherwise, it will be exceedingly difficult to escape the abyss of vengeance. The sea of suffering in the underworld awaits you."

"Foolish monk! What nonsense are you spouting!" The Elder Village Chief, incensed and humiliated, erupted in anger. His chest's clothing suddenly caved in, revealing a ghostly claw resembling a withered vine that extended directly toward the young monk's throat.

Mo Lian and Qiao Mu had been keeping a close eye on these individuals. When they witnessed the Elder Village Chief's movement, their brows immediately knitted in suspicion. In an instant, Mo Lian's Raven Moon sword shot up and swiftly descended, cleanly severing the Elder Village Chief's ghostly claws.

"Ah!" The Elder Village Chief cried out angrily as four to five ghostly claws sprouted from his chest and back.

At this moment, his entire body seemed to undergo a rapid transformation. The ghostly claws extending from his front and back lunged toward Mo Lian.



Wherever the ghostly claws struck, layers of black energy burst forth, only to be instantly dissipated by imperceptible golden light.

As a result, the ghostly claws were neutralized before reaching Mo Lian.

"Ah!" The Elder Village Chief's expression contorted in horror as he thrashed about wildly. "I'll kill all of you! Every last one!"

"Heh, so it's a Physical Master," Mo Lian mumbled to herself, grasping Qiao Mu's wrist and taking a couple of steps back.

Chen Qi and Lu Zheng exchanged perplexed glances as they regarded the old man before them. "How could such a thing exist in a peaceful village?"

Qiao Mu, however, remained unsurprised.

After all, she had previously encountered a similar incident in an underground village with Mo Lian.

This underground village served as a sanctuary for the cultivation of Physical Masters and the containment of reanimated zombies.

Reanimated zombies…

Qiao Mu turned her gaze toward the entrance but failed to spot any signs of reanimated corpses.

Perhaps this place lacked reanimated corpses? Qiao Mu wondered.

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