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Chapter 1906: Sharp Fanged Army Ants

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Zijia was already prepared. Almost at the moment when Helian Qiguang made a move, she pulled Du Yu, who was still stunned on the spot, and quickly went deeper into the cave.

The golden paG.o.da and the others were also extremely fast, following closely behind their master without any effort.

When Helian Qiguang and the others saw this, their expressions immediately changed.

“She’s also a Golden Core cultivator!”

Tang Yiran, who lost to Lu Zijia in the Four Continents Compet.i.tion, widened her eyes in disbelief. “No wonder. No wonder she beat me so easily. She was hiding her strength!”

Tang Yiran gritted her teeth in hatred.

During the Four Continents Compet.i.tion, she, a dignified Golden Core expert, actually lost to a Foundation Establishment cultivator. This matter caused her to be mocked by the students of the Jingang Academy.

But now, she knew that Lu Zijia wasn’t a Foundation Establishment cultivator at all, but a Golden Core expert like her. This undoubtedly made her feel angry, angry that she had been played!

“Get them!”

Helian Qiguang was also extremely furious. He had long wanted to kill Lu Zijia, who embarra.s.sed him completely. Now that he knew that Lu Zijia was also a Golden Core expert, he certainly wouldn’t let her go.

Otherwise, once Lu Zijia grew up, he would definitely be the one to die!

When the other four people saw Helian Qiguang chasing after her, they thought for a moment and followed him.

Of course, the reason why they followed her wasn’t entirely to hunt Lu Zijia down, but more for the unknown treasure in the cave.

“Lu Zijia, stop right there! If you listen to me obediently, I can still give you a quick death. Otherwise, I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

Helian Qiguang chased after her closely as he shouted angrily at Lu Zijia’s afterimage in front of him.

Lu Zijia, who was pulling Du Yu forward quickly, rolled her eyes after hearing that.

Helian Qiguang wanted to kill her and even asked her to stand there obediently and be killed. Did he really think she was a fool?

Oh, no, Helian Qiguang should be the one who was a fool. Otherwise, why would he say that ridiculous thing?

“Master, Master, I can smell it. I can smell it. That guy’s smell is so ugly and disgusting! It smells exactly the same as the guys I met more than 10,000 years ago. They were all smelly that I couldn’t take it anymore and burned them to ashes!”

Suddenly, when it smelled the faint smell from Helian Qiguang’s body, the entire fire of the Ice Flame of the Nether World became restless, as if it couldn’t wait to burn Helian Qiguang to ashes immediately.

Lu Zijia raised her hand and patted the Ice Flame of the Nether World, which had obviously become restless, then comforted it with a voice transmission, “I still have something to figure out. Don’t kill him yet.”

She still hadn’t figured out why the Helian family reached their hands into Delin Country back then. Perhaps Helian Qiguang would be a breakthrough point.

Besides, she also wanted to confirm if Helian Qiguang had really become a demonic cultivator.

Hearing that, although the Ice Flame of the Nether World was extremely restless, it still suppressed it in the end.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As she got closer and closer to the depths of the cave, Lu Zijia clearly sensed that the tremors on the ground were getting more and more intense, accompanied by a powerful aura.

“Heavens! They’re adult Sharp Fanged Army Ants. Their saliva is extremely sticky, and the two sharp fangs they show are even poisonous!”

When Du Yu saw what species ran out of the depths of the cave, her face instantly turned extremely pale and obvious fear appeared in her eyes.

“Senior Lu, let’s run!”

Almost subconsciously, Du Yu wanted to run back with Lu Zijia..

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