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Chapter 1907 - 1907: Good Luck

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, Lu Zijia stopped her forcefully and even sped up.

Looking at the huge two-meter-tall adult Sharp Fanged Army Ants that were getting closer and closer, Du Yu: “!!!”

Just as Du Yu thought that they would die under the Sharp Fanged Army Ants’ fangs, she suddenly realized that as they approached, the large group of Sharp Fanged Army Ants actually automatically made way for them..

Who could tell her what was going on?!

Even after being pa.s.sed by dozens of fierce Sharp Fanged Army Ants, Du Yu still maintained a stunned look and couldn’t recover for a long time.

Helian Qiguang and the others were also a bit stunned.

They watched helplessly as Lu Zijia and Du Yu walked easily through the fierce Sharp Fanged Army Ants easily.

And those Sharp Fanged Army Ants, which looked fierce and terrifying on the outside, actually seemed to be very afraid of Lu Zijia and Du Yu. They pressed against the wall of the cave tightly and made way for the two of them!

In the eyes of Helian Qiguang and the others, this scene was simply unbelievable!

In front, after pa.s.sing the group of Sharp Fanged Army Ants, Lu Zijia didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she stopped, turned around, and waved at Helian Qiguang and the others from afar with a smile.

“Good luck. Goodbye.”

As soon as she finished talking, Lu Zijia pulled Du Yu again and quickly disappeared from the sight of Helian Qiguang and the others.

When Helian Qiguang and the others saw this, their faces turned green with anger.

“d.a.m.n it! We shouldn’t have let them in!”

Sheng Cheng’an kicked the wall at the side in exasperation, and a deep footprint immediately appeared on the mud wall.

“Perhaps we should have sealed their spiritual power from the beginning.” Tang Yiran looked calm on the outside, but the veins on her clenched hands were already bulging.

It could be seen that she wasn’t as calm as she appeared on the outside.

“We should have killed them before we came in!” Chen Mu said fiercely.

Helian Qiguang didn’t say anything, but he glanced at him vaguely with a hint of blame and dissatisfaction.

And Wu Hai, who suggested keeping Lu Zijia and the others alive for the time being, had a very gloomy expression at this moment. He stared at the direction where Lu Zijia and the others left with a gaze that was as if it was poisonous.

On the other hand, it wasn’t until her vision suddenly became clear that Lu Zijia stopped moving forward quickly.

There were dangers everywhere in the mystic realm. If one wasn’t careful, they would die. It was even more so in places where treasures might be hidden. It was even more dangerous and terrifying.

“Senior Sister Du, are you alright?”

Seeing Du Yu looking ahead with her mouth slightly open and her eyes unblinking, Lu Zijia couldn’t help raising her hand and waving it in front of her eyes.

Du Yu suddenly reached out and grabbed Lu Zijia’s hand tightly, her face flushed with excitement. “Senior… Senior Lu, that’s great. That’s great. We’re still alive!”

Lu Zijia: ‘

“Right, those Sharp Fanged Army Ants didn’t attack us just then. This is simply too magical and unbelievable!” Du Yu grabbed Lu Zijia’s hand harder unconsciously.

Lu Zijia: ‘ ‘ Even though she could circulate her spiritual power to eliminate the pain, could Du Yu stop taking advantage of her? Her hand was innocent!

Also, the reason why those Sharp Fanged Army Ants didn’t attack them and even took the initiative to make way for them was completely because she sprinkled a kind of powder on herself.

This powder was almost colorless and odorless to humans, but to the Sharp Fanged Army Ants, it was a very terrifying and intolerable smell..

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