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Chapter 1065: Who’re You?

Proofreader: Papatonks

“Elder brother!”

Ye Lin cried out and opened his eyes. The others were also excited as they looked on with hope, “Zhuo Fan!”


Power shot in front of the sword wave and black thunderflames sprung to life in the form of walls. 

Baili Jingtian got startled by the sudden development.

But the deadly Sundering Sword Art attack smashed into the flaming walls next.

There was no sound, the sword energy was swallowed up as it made contact with the flaming wall, losing most of its power.

Baili Jingtian gasped in disbelief.

[What is going on? How did my sword energy suddenly get so much weaker?]

The first wall was soon exhausted and the sword energy now met with the second.

This was where it got stalled for longer, not pa.s.sing through as fast, getting its power cut off even more.

Once the second wall was gone, the sword energy lost most of its power. As it arrived at the third and final wall, it faded away along with it in an explosion. 

Fierce winds blew around, showing a man with long black hair.

The Baili princes gasped then grew excited.

[The Patriarch wants his head. We just have to take it and make a name for ourselves!]

The princes were eager to get rewarded, including the crown prince.

“Elder brother!”

Ye Lin cried out, looking grave, “Forgive me, I failed you and didn’t protect sister-in-law.”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes shook and glanced at him before turning to Chu Qingcheng who Baili Jinggang was still holding.

His eyes grew icy as he stepped forward, ignoring everyone else.

Murong Xue shouted, “Devil, what are you doing here? You’re only dying with us. You can’t fight them! Their leader is the best disciple in the lands, Baili Jingtian. He’s the next Invincible Sword!”

Zhuo Fan never paid her any mind, still walking forward.

“Fine, since you want to die, go ahead. The sooner a devil like you dies, the better off the world will be.” Murong Xue huffed after being ignored.

Ouyang Changqing said, “Sister Xue, Baili Jingtian is beyond strong like Invincible Sword, but Zhuo Fan did stop the berserk Ye Lin and he’s the best disciple in western lands. He should have a chance, right?”

“None whatsoever.”

Murong Xue shook her head and huffed, “Senior Ouyang explained clearly that he stopped it because his power clashed with the world’s power. I had also once fought him and he isn’t anything strong. He needs to restrain the Sundering Sword Art or he’s only going to die against an expert like Baili Jingtian!” 


Ouyang Changqing’s hope hit rock bottom, speaking with misery, “And here I thought there’s hope for us now that he showed up, but he’s only showing off to die. What did I ever do to deserve this? Is there no real savior coming to rescue us?”

Ouyang Changqing sighed and lamented his untimely demise. But then a weak laugh came, “Ha-ha-ha, young master Ouyang, no need to fret. Our savior is right here. Who are you beseeching?” 

Ouyang Changqing turned to Wu Qingqiu and Yan Mo, seeing their conviction and confidence.

“You guys believe he can save us? But sister Xue…”

“Miss Murong!”

Wu Qingqiu ignored him and said to the girl, “You said you fought him once, but do you know his real strength? Acting sloppy and being serious are two things entirely.”


Murong Xue paused to think, “It’s I who was serious though. You believe all my strength wasn’t enough for him to get serious?”

Wu Qingqiu shook his head, “In the Double Dragon Manor’s gathering, Demon Scheming Sect’s disciples talked about how brother Zhuo had always been laid back. He’ll never lift a finger to do anything dull. Let me put it another way, did brother Zhuo use his eye when he fought you?”

“His eye?”


Ye Lin b.u.t.ted in with immense confidence in Zhuo Fan, “Elder brother’s half, uh, seventy percent of power is in his eyes. Since he hasn’t used them on you, he was only playing. He’s only serious when he uses them. When I fought with elder brother, his eyes never stopped flas.h.i.+ng. In other words, he was only using a third against you and you still look down on him.”

Murong Xue gasped as she frowned at Zhuo Fan.

[Are his eyes that amazing? He’s such a great genius yet a third of his power is only in his body?]

Ouyang Changqing turned to Zhuo Fan in haste, wis.h.i.+ng to see the battle for the best disciple in the lands about to unfold…

Hovering above and gazing down on the approaching Zhuo Fan, Baili Jingtian smirked, “Qian Fan, Zhuo Fan, ha-ha-ha. How should I call you, I wonder?”


“Then, Sir Zhuo.”

Baili Jingtian smirked, “I remember the first time I saw Sir Zhuo and it left a deep impression. Even the Patriarch got fooled by you. Sir’s skills are sublime, with none seeing through your bluff. Frigid Rain Sword King then came back and we knew the truth, that you’re just at the Soul Harmony Stage in strength yet you act like a Sword King. We truly admire your calm and level-headed att.i.tude as you put on your act.

“Sir, however, has conned the wrong people. Patriarch is outraged and wants your head, you see. That’s why we’re here. So, if it’s not too much trouble would you grace us with your head on a platter?”

Zhuo Fan shook and stopped, looking up at Baili Jingtian, “Who’re you? Did we meet?”

“I am Sword Star Empire’s Crown Prince, Baili Jingtian. I had a one-sided encounter with sir along with Patriarch. Sir shouldn’t be so quick to forget.” Baili Jingtian smirked with pride.

Going down memory lane, Zhuo Fan closed his eyes, “Sorry, I don’t bother with bystanders.”

“Sir, what’s that supposed to mean? I even introduced myself!” Baili Jingtian’s face fell.

Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Should I remember you just because you stated your name? Thinking back, I often met with outstanding men, leaders of the five lands. You just said you were with Baili Yutian, ha-ha-ha, sorry but the only one I recall is your Patriarch who was before me. I didn’t even commit the five Sword Kings to memory, let alone a pipsqueak like you. What can I do? I have too much important stuff taking my time that all the useless junk gets filtered out.”

“Useless… junk?” Baili Jingtian’s face twitched, “Sir Zhuo, you’re being too condescending!”

Zhuo Fan shook his hand, mocking, “I have my standards in anything I do. There’s two kinds of people, the way I see it, enemies and friends. Which, I wonder, are you?”


Zhuo Fan shook his head.

“You can’t mean friend, for Sir Zhuo will be most wrong.”

“Oh no no no, you needn’t worry about which.”

Zhuo Fan looked at him with a taunting smile, “Since you never registered to me. I told you, I don’t waste my time with bystanders. So… who are you?”

Wu Qingqiu’s group stifled their laughter.

Baili Jingtian shook in rage and hatred, staring daggers at Zhuo Fan.

[This punk has to die!]

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