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Chapter 1066: A Punch’s Dominance

Proofreader: Papatonks

“A pretentious fool who only knows how to act and deceive is now unmasked yet still insists on sticking to his role to the end? Ha-ha, Sir Zhuo, this is utterly vapid.” 

Baili Jingtian’s bloodthirst shone in his eyes, smirking and signaling Baili Jinggang, “I, however, am in no mood to indulge you. Your head is mine! Brother, the dumb wife has outlived her purpose, handle it!”

Baili Jinggang gave a sharp nod and laughed. Lightning crackled all over him as he smashed a big fist at Chu Chingcheng.

With an evil grin, Baili Jingtian’s sword wave finally grew outrageously strong enough, glancing back at Zhuo Fan, “Weren’t you so full of yourself in your acting? Your wife is about to have that punch splatter her all over, and what can you do? Nothing! What’s there to still be smug, ugh…”  

Just as he was about to release his sword wave, he froze, looking in disbelief at where Zhuo Fan was standing, to find it empty.

[Where’d he go?]


Baili Jinggang’s face twisted as his mighty fist reached Chu Qingcheng, the blowing wind fluttering the frail girl’s white hair.

Then something red flashed out of nowhere, standing before Chu Qingcheng and meeting Baili Jinggang’s strike.

[What was that?]

Baili JInggang’s eyes shook from shock.

The flash came all of a sudden and couldn’t make it out, yet cared little about it. 

[The dumb wife must’ve had some protective spiritual weapon.] 

But he believed that there was nothing that his lightning forged body couldn’t overcome. After all, he was able to punch through even 7th grade spiritual weapons.

He shouted, ramping up the lightning on his fist as he pushed on.


The punch slammed into the red glow, unleas.h.i.+ng a mighty shockwave, only to realize this was anything but a defensive spiritual weapon, but a scarlet fist.

Baili Jinggang was even more confident. No matter who was coming at him, the number of people able to take on his beyond tough body could be counted on one hand. Ye Lin was a freak enough, but he was now on the ground in wounds. He didn’t believe that there could be another outrageous body cultivator here.

It was only logical to think that monsters were a rarity, or how else would others get by with them being so common?

Shaking his head and sporting a belligerent grin, Baili Jinggang grew excited as he got into smas.h.i.+ng the ignorant interloper, “Ha-ha-ha, fool, you’re coming at me with your body? You’ve got a death wish. I will flatten you!”

“I’m sorry to say, that’s going to be you!”

And while monsters were indeed a rarity upon this G.o.d’s green earth, he had hit quite the iron plate this time. Coming from the red glow was a cold reply to his infinite confidence.

Baili Jinggang blinked as there was a sickening crunch echoing from before him.

What followed was a blinding pain that overloaded his heart. He jerked, then sweated all over hard.

[How is this possible?]

Baili Jinggang was overwhelmed with a maelstrom of emotions.

[How… who?! How can a fist be that strong? Is it still made of flesh and blood?]

His eyes shook hard, Baili Jinggang looking dumbfounded as the scarlet fist’s glow eased to reveal Zhuo Fan’s deadly gaze, “Get away from my wife, reject!”

The scarlet fist shook and unleashed a powerful ripple that exploded Baili Jinggang’s lightning-covered arm, causing bone, blood and flesh to fly all over. 

Baili Jinggang’s gaze was empty, only now sensing there was nothing where his tough arm should be.

Then the dread came, further amplified by Zhuo Fan’s ruthless gaze. Never had he thought that there would be someone out there that could break his body forged through such hards.h.i.+ps.

[Is he still human?]

Baili Jinggang’s heart seized. Retreating now was impossible, not when he was supremely confident in his own body that he gave his all in that attack.

As his eyes were taken in with fear and shock, inertia carried the now one-armed Baili Jinggang closer to the red glow and his doom, all by his own making.


Baili JInggang collided with the fist in a mighty bang and turned to mush. It made a nauseating splatter as his corpse hit the ground–before he could even let out his last cry of pain. As for the punch, its power shot ahead, ripping everything for a hundred miles. 

A huge cloud of dust was kicked even as the ground never stopped shaking.

Only now did the bystanders react, looking over at the sudden commotion to find a savage wind blowing where Chu Qingcheng and Zhuo Fan stood.

As for Baili Jinggang, he was now blood on the ground, fertilizing the gra.s.s.

The two had a mighty clash of the toughest bodies yet, and the result came faster than expected, with Baili Jinggang’s body failing immediately.

It happened so fast that none here could react nor see how the gruesome ending of the buffed Baili Jinggang came to be.


The princes cried out in shock, giving Zhuo Fan looks of fear and bewilderment.

[How on earth did he just get to brother in an instant? And just what kind of power utterly destroyed brother who is only second to the Crown Prince?] 

[But more importantly, how did he kill him without even giving us the time to witness it? That can only mean his power…] 

All princes turned to the still stunned crown prince, who grew dark, “He’s not a pretender through and through after all. But how did he pa.s.s eight princes? Is his speed that great, dwarfing even mine?”

Baili Jingtian balled his fists, his heart tense with caution.

Murong Xue’s group on the ground were just as stunned. She could hardly believe what she saw.

[Is this what Ye Lin meant? Is this the devil’s true power? It’s unlike anything I fought against back then. Quick, sharp, ruthless, killing the second prince on the spot.]

She was brought back to when she faced Zhuo Fan in Galefrost Town, when Zhuo Fan took her hit on purpose to return the favor.

Murong Xue gnashed her teeth in defiance.

[Since when do I need the devil to turn his cheek for me to purge evil from this world? This is utterly absurd…]

“Hey, brother Ye Lin, is western lands G.o.dlike?”

Ouyang Changqing was having a difficult time coming to terms with reality as well, slapping Ye Lin’s shoulder as he demanded answers, “How the h.e.l.l did you even train the best disciple in western lands? You clashed with Baili Jinggang yourself and he hadn’t budged at all. Why then is he now dead in a second? Hey, say something! Weren’t you bragging? Did you really fought this freak for the western lands’ best disciple t.i.tle and barely lost?”

Ye Lin’s eyes twitched heart, his ears ringing with the pompous fool’s demands. But as he looked at Zhuo Fan, he sighed hard, shaking his head, “Qilin has the greatest strength among sacred beasts. Elder brother has now learned to use the Qilin arm as his own. Now even I won’t be able to take that arm. Just how could I have fallen so far behind in just a few years?”

Ye Lin shook his head, ruefully. 

Ouyang Changqing felt the same, though his mind ran wild with swears.

[Brother Ye, you’re as bright as the sun yet you could never match his splendor. Woe is you.]

[There is no marring the s.h.i.+ne of the moon!]

[Thank G.o.d there’s no monsters like that in northern lands or my heart would break from jealousy.]

[Though with the danger we’re in, the stronger this brother Zhuo is, the better. At least we’ll get to survive this, he-he-he…]

Ouyang Changqing’s eyes flashed with hope, looking at Zhuo Fan in expectation.

[Brother Zhuo, my poor humble life and future happiness rest in your hands. Save me and sister Xue and I shall never forget this boundless favor you have graced me with…] 

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