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Chapter 841

Time has pa.s.sed. Wanda has finally reached the due date on this day.

And Dio did not only prepare the delivery room at home but also learned how to deliver the baby himself.

Because of Wanda’s unique circ.u.mstances, it was difficult to secure her safety if ordinary people were there. Perhaps a small leak of energy could kill everyone around her.

So Dio knew that he had to do everything himself.

And, for safety reasons, Dio only called Quicksilver over, as he should be fine if some unforeseen event were to occur thanks to his speed. 

When everything was in order, Dio began personally delivering Wanda’s baby.

Wanda’s physical strength and body nourishment were, without a doubt, significantly better than those of regular individuals in every way.

However, the delivery procedure was quite challenging.

At the same time, Wanda’s ma.s.sive energy began to fluctuate, radiating in all directions.

Fortunately, this area was created from a superalloy produced by Tony, so even though there were distortions of Wanda’s energy, it didn’t erupt outside of the villa just yet. 

But it also meant Dio was constantly barraged by the energy, pressuring him a lot. 

He had to put his Hamon defense on maximum output, summoning the ice armor of [White Alb.u.m] as a protection, but also control the surrounding temperature so that the low temperature didn’t hurt Wanda and the unborn baby.

“Wanda, just a little more work!”


Only those who have gone through childbirth might understand what kind of pain Wanda was going through, and as Wanda shouted and screamed, her energy storm grew even stronger!

Dio was caught off guard as the energy that fluctuated in the air suddenly bombarded him and the superalloy wall, creating a huge hole.

Even his ice armor had been destroyed!

If average doctors were to take his place, they would certainly die!

Dio, who had fallen from the wall to the ground, put on another layer of ice armor and trotted back towards Wanda, continuing his job and softly encouraging Wanda: “I’m OK, Wanda! Relax, nothing will happen to you as long as I am here!” 

Wanda couldn’t talk, but she gripped Dio’s hand hard.

Dio felt an ache in his arm at this point. Wanda’s mindless power might shatter his new ice armor and Hamon Defenses as her nail embedded deep in Dio’s skin. Dio only gave the wounded area a pa.s.sing glance before leaving it alone, as he knew that his injury meant nothing compared to Wanda’s anguish.

“Come on, get out, you spoiled child!” 

. . . . . . . . . .

Quicksilver waited outside the villa anxiously. He didn’t hear Wanda’s agonizing scream because the room was well-insulated, but the silence was more agonizing at this point.

He had no idea what had happened to his sister or whether the mother and son were still alive.

With the pa.s.sage of time, however, the house began to tremble more frequently, letting off a dreadful vibe all around.

Then there was a loud bang!

An enormous amount of energy erupted at once!

For a few moment, this force of energy demolished the entire villa and swiftly radiated out in all directions.

Quicksilver felt like he needed to rush inside to save anyone, but he couldn’t outspeed the tremendous energy that came his way. More frighteningly, Quicksilver was even lifted off the ground and sent flying a few meters from the villa before the energy began to destroy many things on its path.

Flowers, trees, insects, small animals…

The entire island was like being flattened by invisible iron before the energy ran into the water and dissipated gradually. 

Pietro was fortunate as he was able to escape to the sea before the annihilating energy could do him serious harm. 

Everything that was happening right now was scary! Still, Quicksilver couldn’t place his concern anywhere else except for Wanda and her newborn baby’s safety. Quicksilver instantly flashed and returned to his previous spot before the energy explosion. 

He noticed that the villa had vanished, and so did the Super Alloy delivery room.

Now, Wanda was lying on the ground with an ashen figure kneeling beside her.

“Wanda! Dio!” Pietro shouted as he dashed forward towards the two. He confirmed Wanda’s status first, discovering that she only pa.s.sed out and wasn’t hurt anywhere else. Then he turned his attention to Dio and immediately found out that Dio was covered in blood and wasn’t in good condition. 

Dio raised his hand and opened his arms which seemed to be protecting something before a burst of cry could be heard.

Pietro burst into tears and began to quiver on the spot. He wanted to hug the child, but he wasn’t sure he should be doing that.

“Are you all right?” Pietro asked Dio.

Dio shook his head, and suddenly his entire focus was on the young boy in his arms, who was smiling like a fool. 

Wanda’s energy was fully depleted at the moment the child was going to be born. Dio wanted to transport the child to a safe location before Wanda lost control, but he was too late! 

He wasn’t expecting the energy to burst out as soon as the child was born! Even when Dio stopped the time, he found it difficult to defend himself from the energy burst. So, to protect Wanda and their newborn child, Dio used the [King Crimson]’s Time Erasure ability. Nevertheless, Dio used this ability not on himself but on his newborn child because he wasn’t sure if Wanda’s last burst of energy would cause an indiscriminate attack and harm the newborn baby. 

Fortunately, the outcome was favorable. Wanda’s final burst of energy would just kill everything that came into touch, but it didn’t harm Wanda at all. Nevertheless, Dio was still injured by this event.

Despite the fact that most things have been destroyed on the island, it was still worth it. While looking at his newborn baby, Dio summoned [The World] and utilized its Reality Overwrite to heal his injuries. 

Dio was still confident that no one in the Marvel Universe would be able to kill him as long as he wasn’t instantly killed. Wanda came close just now to actually killing him, but nevertheless, it wasn’t enough.

“Tony has arrived.”

The sound of a jet landing emerged from the skies unexpectedly. Tony came with his own medical aid as he was worried about his friend. Nevertheless, what happened to Dio today made Tony even more reluctant to have his own child.

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