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Chapter 370: Despondence

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The comments on the school forum did not affect him at all.

Moreover, there was one thing that the school forum was right about, and that was that he had indeed borrowed the ident.i.ty of the second young master of the Chu Corporation. Otherwise, he would not have been able to get the teachers and leaders of the school to agree to him changing majors this semester.

Therefore, he didn’t care too much about the rumors and slander on the school forum. Even if he cared, it would be after the exam.

If he had time to care about these things, he might as well use that time read more books on Weapon Systems and Engineering so that he could move out of the school dormitory with Gu Xiao as soon as possible.

Previously, he had even thought about bringing forward the examination time so that he could sleep on the same bed as Gu Xiao as soon as possible.

However, he later thought that he had to succeed in this exam in one go. He only gave up on this plan when there was no chance of trial and error.

Although he was confident in himself, this matter concerned whether he could live alone with Gu Xiao in the future. He did not dare to be careless. He did not want the outcome he did not want to see during the to happen during the exam.

Gu Xiao had some understanding of Chu An’s actions, but after thinking about it, she still briefly explained how Jiang Meng and Wei Shu had defended Chu An on the school forum.

Then, she looked at Chu An with a smile in her eyes. “So, you can only succeed this time. You can’t fail.”

When Chu An heard Gu Xiao’s words, there was no trace of a smile in his eyes.

He stared fixedly at Gu Xiao’s eyes for a while, then bent down slightly and buried his head in Gu Xiao’s neck.

After a while, Chu An’s m.u.f.fled voice sounded. “Xiaoxiao, could it be that you want me to pa.s.s the exam because of them?”

Although Chu An had already restrained himself, Gu Xiao could still easily hear a trace of jealousy in his words.

It took her a while to understand what Chu An minded.

Gu Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she lowered her head and looked at the furry back of his head buried in her neck. Her fingers moved by her side, but in the end, she couldn’t suppress the thoughts in her heart. She raised her hand and rubbed the back of Chu An’s head.

Chu An wasn’t dissatisfied with this. He even took the initiative to rub against Gu Xiao’s palm like he was acting coquettishly.

“Of course it’s not because of them. You’re the most important one in my heart. 1 only said that because 1 trust you.”

Ever since Gu Xiao found out that Chu An had initially avoided her because of the misunderstanding in her previous life, she had made up her mind that no matter what happened between her and Chu An in the future, she had to tell him her thoughts frankly. She couldn’t hide them.

Once she hid it, it was very easy for conflict and suspicion to arise between the two of them.

She didn’t want such a thing to happen between her and Chu An.

“Are you telling the truth?”

Chu An’s low voice came from Gu Xiao’s neck. His hot and humid breath hit Gu Xiao’s fair skin, and soon, a small patch of skin turned red.

However, Chu An still felt a little dissatisfied. He planted a kiss on that slightly reddish skin before settling down.

Gu Xiao also allowed Chu An’s actions and even replied nicely, “Of course it’s true. Or do you not believe me?”

Gu Xiao’s last sentence was slightly raised in volume, with an indescribable meaning.

When Chu An heard Gu Xiao’s tone, his entire body instantly tensed up, and he didn’t dare to do those small actions in secret anymore.

He raised his head slightly and smiled at Gu Xiao. There was no trace of disappointment in his expression.

It was obvious at a glance that Chu An’s defeated look just now was all an act to obtain Gu Xiao’s comfort through deception.

Perhaps there was jealousy, but it wasn’t enough to make Chu An feel despondent.

Gu Xiao naturally knew what Chu An was thinking, so she didn’t pursue the matter. She glanced at Chu An indifferently and changed the topic, not continuing.

“Do you know the scope of the exam?” Gu Xiao asked.

Chu An nodded slightly. “I know. It’s just some theoretical knowledge from books. I just need to memorize it. It’s not too difficult.”

In terms of memory, Chu An had always been very confident. He was also very confident towards his chances in this exam.

Moreover, he could ask the teachers when they had time for some more profound and difficult theoretical knowledge. He would have even less problems with the subsequent exam..

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