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An Empress's Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strong Comeback summary:

Gu Xiaocong never thought she’d reincarnate in the present timeline after transmigrating to the ancient past for twenty-four years! In her previous life, Gu Xiaocong grew up in the countryside with parents who didn’t love her. When they heard that their neighbor’s daughter was working outside and making money, they forced her to quit school and partic.i.p.ate in a reality show in exchange for seven hundred dollars.
Gu Xiaocong’s life changed because of this show. The partic.i.p.ants of the show were all ordinary folks. The content of the livestreams was to show the difference between girls who grew up in the countryside and girls who grew up in the city. The program team edited the show with ill intentions so Gu Xiaocong would be labeled as the ‘uncultured hillbilly’. She would then become the victim of cyberbullying.
Three years later, Gu Xiaocong’s biological parents found her. Only then did she realize that her original parents were human traffickers. They swapped Gu Xiaocong with their own daughter so that the latter could have a good life. Meanwhile, the girl from the city, Gu Xiaocong’s polar opposite on the show, was actually the human trafficker’s biological daughter. The masterminds who caused her to become the victim of cyberbullying turned out to be her birth parents! However, they didn’t feel guilty at all. They still sided with the fake young lady they raised. They believed the fake young lady was innocent, and they constantly picked on Gu Xiaocong for going against the fake young lady.
Gu Xiaocong finally broke down from the torture day after day, and she ended her life by jumping off the balcony. To her surprise, she transmigrated to the ancient past. She relied on her own capabilities to transform from an ordinary citizen to an empress. That place was like home to her.
However, to her surprise, she reincarnated in her original world one day. Gu Xiaocong decided to turn the tables by sending her adoptive parents to prison. She wanted to accomplish all her previous goals and make her biological parents regret their decision!

An Empress's Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strong Comeback Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 470: Idea Apr-02-24
Chapter 462: Chat Mar-29-24
Chapter 461: Saint Mar-29-24
Chapter 455: Fool Mar-29-24
Chapter 433: Fine Mar-15-24
Chapter 424: Use Mar-10-24
Chapter 421: Offer Mar-10-24
Chapter 408: Wait Mar-03-24
Chapter 398: Care Feb-26-24
Chapter 397: Coax Feb-26-24
Chapter 396: Photo Feb-26-24
Chapter 395: Key Feb-26-24
Chapter 389: Stay Feb-21-24
Chapter 379: Nuts Feb-16-24
Chapter 378: Plan Feb-15-24
Chapter 369: Envy Feb-12-24
Chapter 337: Fool Jan-31-24
Chapter 331: Probe Jan-31-24
Chapter 317: House Jan-31-24
Chapter 303: Drunk Jan-31-24
Chapter 293: Agree Jan-31-24
Chapter 290: Blind Jan-31-24
Chapter 263: Cage Jan-31-24
Chapter 251: Viper Jan-31-24
Chapter 249: Apple Jan-31-24
Chapter 236: Sick Jan-31-24
Chapter 224: Ant Jan-31-24
Chapter 222: Video Jan-31-24
Chapter 217: Major Jan-31-24
Chapter 214: Storm Jan-31-24
Chapter 203: Worry Jan-31-24
Chapter 161: Demo Jan-31-24
Chapter 150: Video Jan-31-24
Chapter 136: Plans Jan-31-24
Chapter 135: Ruby Jan-31-24
Chapter 128: Probe Jan-30-24
Chapter 125: Share Jan-30-24
Chapter 108: Fight Jan-30-24
Chapter 107: Gift Jan-30-24
Chapter 104: Photo Jan-30-24
Chapter 102: Like Jan-30-24
Chapter 97: Dress Jan-30-24
Chapter 96: Clown Jan-30-24
Chapter 94: Help Jan-30-24
Chapter 64: What Jan-30-24
Chapter 53: Fame Jan-30-24
Chapter 50: Reward Jan-30-24
Chapter 47: Bet Jan-30-24
Chapter 45: Water Jan-30-24
Chapter 40 Jan-30-24
Chapter 39 Jan-30-24
Chapter 38 Jan-30-24
Chapter 37 Jan-30-24
Chapter 36 Jan-30-24
Chapter 35 Jan-30-24
Chapter 34 Jan-30-24
Chapter 33 Jan-30-24
Chapter 32 Jan-30-24
Chapter 31 Jan-30-24
Chapter 30 Jan-30-24
Chapter 29 Jan-30-24
Chapter 28 Jan-30-24
Chapter 27 Jan-30-24
Chapter 26 Jan-30-24
Chapter 25 Jan-30-24
Chapter 24 Jan-30-24
Chapter 23 Jan-30-24
Chapter 22 Jan-30-24
Chapter 21 Jan-30-24
Chapter 20 Jan-30-24
Chapter 19 Jan-30-24
Chapter 18 Jan-30-24
Chapter 17 Jan-30-24
Chapter 16 Jan-30-24
Chapter 15 Jan-30-24
Chapter 14 Jan-30-24
Chapter 13 Jan-30-24
Chapter 12 Jan-30-24
Chapter 11 Jan-30-24
Chapter 10 Jan-30-24
Chapter 9 Jan-30-24
Chapter 8 Jan-30-24
Chapter 7 Jan-30-24
Chapter 6 Jan-30-24
Chapter 5 Jan-30-24
Chapter 4 Jan-30-24
Chapter 3 Jan-30-24
Chapter 2 Jan-30-24
Chapter 1 Jan-30-24
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