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Chapter 372: The Exam Is Over

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

[Chu An’s exam papers have been distributed!]

[Chu An’s exam has already begun? Ahhh! I really want to go and take a look too, but I have a lesson at eight in the morning. I can’t go! This d.a.m.n lesson at eight in the morning!]

[Chu An is starting to write! I can’t see the questions on the test paper clearly, so 1 don’t know if it’s difficult. However, Chu An seems to be answering the questions very smoothly, as if he doesn’t need to think too much.]

[Heh, 1 knew it. This exam is just an act to shut us up. Even if Chu An is very good at the college entrance examination, he can still be so smooth with knowledge that the examiner has never taught him at all. He must have already known the answer before!]

[Previous poster, you don’t have to be so sarcastic. Even if Chu An knew the answer before and memorized the answer to the test paper, there would still be a pause when he really wrote it. It would be different from how smoothly it looked in the video.]

[Then Chu An’s memory is not bad. To be able to remember the answer so familiarly, don’t tell me he already knows the answer by heart!]

[Verification complete. The person above is really a troll. In any case, no matter what, 1 don’t want to believe that Chu An’s examination process is real.]

[1 suddenly feel that Chu An is so handsome when he’s serious! I’ll admire this side profile first as a form of respect!]

[Sisters, don’t be bewitched by Chu An’s handsome appearance! He’s quite insensitive! He doesn’t understand girls at all and only knows a little about how to deal with a girl in front of Gu Xiao.]

The original discussion about Chu An’s exam became varied after everyone joined in.

Some were admiring his looks, some were talking about Gu Xiao and Chu An’s relations.h.i.+p, some were talking about the contents of the exam, some were watching a good show, and some were spreading rumors and slandering him…

All kinds of comments were mixed together, making the pa.s.sers-by who were watching the show a little confused.

Fortunately, a comment appeared, and the content of the post returned to the original topic.

[Chu An has already finished the test paper! Now, the teachers of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major have already collected the test paper. It looks like they’re giving out the scores on the spot! I’m so excited! I’m so nervous! I feel like I’m even more nervous than Chu An himself!]

[? Chu An has actually finished his exams. I’m not even done with my cla.s.s yet! The heavens are blind!]

[Ha! 1 told you that Chu An cheated. Previously, no one believed me. Now, look, he finished the paper in less than an hour. If he didn’t cheat, what else could it be?!]

[Really, why are there trolls everywhere? Trolls really can’t see the good in anyone.]

[Don’t say anymore. I’m already looking forward to Chu An’s exam results!]

[Looking forward +1.]

Chu An didn’t know what was going on on the school forum. He sat on the chair with a calm expression and a calm gaze, completely unconcerned about the teachers marking the paper on the spot.

The teacher from the Weapon Systems and Engineering major and the middle-aged teacher graded the papers together. When they saw the situation of Chu An’s paper, a trace of surprise flashed across their eyes.

There was no other reason. This test paper was simply too perfect.

If they didn’t know that it was impossible for Chu An to know the contents of their paper in advance, and that this paper was completed under their noses, they would probably suspect that Chu An had cheated, just like some people on the school forum.

When this test paper was set, the instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major was thinking about how to make things difficult for Chu An, so there was a question on it that the students in the same year as Chu An had never learned.

But now… Chu An had actually solved this question.

It had to be known that the scope of the exam that they had agreed on with Chu An was only based on the progress that the same batch of students as Chu An had learnt.

The two teachers gently put down the test paper, and their dark gazes landed on Chu An.

Chu An calmly looked at the two teachers without a trace of panic in his eyes.

In the end, it was still the middle-aged teacher who smiled kindly at Chu An and asked, “Chu An, I want to know how you solved the fourteenth major question on the test paper.”

As soon as these words were spoken, before Chu An could react, the students who were secretly standing outside exclaimed softly.

Could it really be as those people on the school forum had said, that Chu An had cheated in this exam?

After all… the teacher’s words just now was really making them overthink..

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