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Chapter 371: Starting the Examination

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing Chu An’s confidence and even eagerness, Gu Xiao didn’t ask too much about this matter.

The two of them stayed in the residence outside the school for a long time before slowly walking towards the school.

Soon, it was the day Chu An was going to transfer to another major.

Chu An’s exam was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. The students from A University, who didn’t have anything to do at 8 a.m., pa.s.sed by Chu An’s cla.s.sroom intentionally or unintentionally. They pretended to pa.s.s by and secretly took a look at the situation in the cla.s.sroom.

The two teachers who planned to invigilate Chu An naturally noticed the situation in the corridor.

One of the middle-aged teachers glanced at the situation outside, then retracted his gaze. The teacher who was invigilating with him said, “I didn’t realize before that this Second Young Master Chu is also a famous person in our school. It’s just an exam, but there are so many people watching.”

The middle-aged teacher’s companion looked more serious. His eyes were fixed on Chu An, who had already arrived at the cla.s.sroom, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

Seeing that his companion was silent, the middle-aged teacher followed his companion’s gaze and happened to meet Chu An’s gaze.

He smiled kindly at Chu An, picked up the thermos flask at the side, and slowly took a sip. After capping the thermos flask lid, he put it back to the side, and spoke again.

“I think this young man is not bad. He’s a good talent. It’s not a loss for him to transfer to your major. Why are you so angry? Many mentors want to s.n.a.t.c.h this second young master of the Chu family, but they can’t.”

Upon hearing this, his previously serious companion, who was also a teacher in the Weapon Systems and Engineering major, finally retracted his gaze from Chu An and glanced indifferently at the middle-aged teacher.

“This kind of descendant of an aristocratic family usually doesn’t have much patience. Now he thinks that it’s fun, so he changes his major. Who knows if he can persevere? Don’t you know the importance of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major?”

The middle-aged teacher did not care at all after being rebuked by the Weapon Systems and Engineering professional mentor.

“In my opinion, the second young master of the Chu Corporation is the best candidate to learn from you.”

The middle-aged teacher said calmly. When the Weapon Systems and Engineering instructor heard this, he pursed his lips and did not reply.

The middle-aged teacher didn’t mind and continued, “Only a family background like Chu An can allow him to do whatever he wants freely. With the support of the capital and funds behind him, even if he wants to do experiments in peace, he can obtain conditions that are much better than others.”

At this point, the middle-aged teacher paused and his expression became more serious.

“Many of your previous students are quite capable, but their families can’t support them. They can only find a job that has nothing to do with their major and live their lives. However, Chu An doesn’t have this trouble.”

That was why he said that Chu An was a student that was suited to this major.

He could be considered a teacher in the Weapon Systems and Engineering major. He had sent many students from this major out of the school.

However, he could only watch helplessly as the students, who were originally excited about weapon production or improvements, even had their eyes s.h.i.+ning when it came to professional matters,

After entering society, they encountered obstacles everywhere. In the end, they chose to leave their favorite field and change to a different path to survive.

And the light in the eyes of these students was also something that he watched disappear bit by bit.

After all, he had been with his students for a long time, so he still had some feelings for them. Seeing the light in his students’ eyes disappear, he felt equally uncomfortable.

He hoped that more students would stay in the field they liked, but he also knew how difficult it was to persevere in this field.

After the middle-aged teacher finished speaking, he sighed and lowered his eyes slightly, not saying anything else.

However, after he finished speaking, a hint of deep thought flashed across the eyes of the Weapon Systems and Engineering instructor beside him.

He looked at Chu An again, and there was a trace of scrutiny in his eyes that he hadn’t had before.

At nine o’clock, the middle-aged teacher and the instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major began to move. They distributed the test papers that Chu An needed to Chu An’s desk.

Chu An nodded slightly, took the test paper, and buried himself in it.

He did not start writing immediately after receiving the test paper. Instead, he read through all the questions on the test paper before starting to write.

The moment Chu An’s test paper was distributed, the posts on the school forum became lively..

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