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Chapter 373: Crisis

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Chu An’s expression didn’t change because of the teacher’s words.

“I’ve learned these things. My family is more supportive.”

This was indeed true. After Mr Chu and Mrs Chu found out that Chu An was interested in firearms, they found connections allowing him to come into contact with this aspect.

After hearing that he needed to take an exam to change majors, Mr Chu and Mrs Chu directly found someone to be Chu An’s tutor so that when he wanted to ask questions, someone could help answer them.

Chu An also knew that the instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major didn’t like him very much, so after asking a few questions from the instructor, he didn’t trouble the instructor anymore.

If not for the fact that his family had helped him find someone to answer his questions, he would probably not have been able to answer several questions this time. His score would probably not have been good either.

After the middle-aged teacher and the mentor from Weapon Systems and Engineering heard Chu An’s words, they looked at each other and understood the meaning behind Chu An’s words.

Thinking about Chu An’s family background, this situation seemed to be very normal.

Although there were many things in their minds, be it the middle-aged teacher or the mentor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major, only a few seconds had pa.s.sed.

The middle-aged teacher came back to his senses and revealed an appreciative expression to Chu An.

“You did very well this time.” There was a smile in the middle-aged teacher’s tone. “Congratulations to Student Chu An for joining the Weapon Systems and Engineering major.”

When Chu An heard this, he nodded slightly at the two teachers.

After asking if there was anything else he needed to do and receiving a negative answer from the two teachers, Chu An planned to leave the cla.s.sroom.

Before Chu An stepped out of the cla.s.sroom, the instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major, who had been silent all this while, hurriedly said, “Chu An, do you mind if I send your test paper to the other students of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major to take a look?”

Chu An’s answer script was not bad. He also wanted to let those brats in their cla.s.s take a look, and at the same time, force them to have a slight feeling of crisis.

After all, a person who had not even changed majors was better than someone who had already officially started learning. Those students would probably have to start working hard.

Young people ultimately had some drive in them.

Chu An didn’t care too much about these small matters. He nodded at the instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major.

“As long as you don’t mind, feel free to use this paper.”

After receiving Chu An’s answer, the two teachers completely let Chu An off and didn’t continue to detain him. However, before Chu An left, the middle-aged teacher reminded him.

“From tomorrow onwards, Student Chu An, you will be attending in the Weapon Systems and Engineering major. As for the cla.s.s time and schedule, 1 will send it to you in the form of an email. Remember to check and accept it.”

He originally didn’t want to use such a troublesome method, but Chu An hadn’t contacted anyone in cla.s.s yet, so she could only indirectly inform him.

“Alright, I understand. Sorry to trouble you, Teacher,” Chu An said very politely.

Seeing that the two teachers really had nothing else to say, Chu An turned around and continued walking out.

When the students who had been surrounding the cla.s.sroom saw Chu An come out, a trace of admiration flashed across their eyes.

Some students wanted to come up and talk, but in the face of Chu An’s cold expression and unapproachable aura, no one dared to go forward at this time.

The students tacitly parted to form a small path, making it easier for Chu An to leave.

After Chu An took two steps, the students were surprised to discover that Chu An, who was originally laidback and completely unconcerned, immediately lit up. There was also a smile on his usually calm and even cold face, and it wasn’t a cold smile.

Everyone followed Chu An’s gaze. When they saw Gu Xiao’s figure, a hint of understanding flashed across the students’ eyes.

That was true. In the entire school, other than Gu Xiao, there was no one else who could make Chu An reveal such an expression.

Chu An quickened his pace and walked to Gu Xiao anxiously.

He stopped half a meter away from Gu Xiao, but his hand reached out restlessly and grabbed Gu Xiao’s hand.

Chu An had a bright smile in his eyes as he asked softly, “Xiaoxiao, why are you here?”

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