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A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World summary:

In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant.Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny square in front of the restaurant. Even demons have to bring their own stools…But it is such a strange restaurant that has long lines outside every day.Elves are stuffing kebabs...

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 130 Sep-21-19
Chapter 128 Sep-21-19
Chapter 127 Sep-18-19
Chapter 126 Sep-17-19
Chapter 125 Sep-17-19
Chapter 124 Sep-17-19
Chapter 123 Sep-17-19
122 Please Enjoy Sep-15-19
Chapter 119 Sep-14-19
Chapter 118 Sep-13-19
Chapter 117 Sep-13-19
115 Elf Princess Sep-12-19
Chapter 114 Sep-11-19
Chapter 113 Sep-11-19
Chapter 112 Sep-10-19
111 Quite A View Sep-10-19
Chapter 110 Sep-09-19
Chapter 109 Sep-09-19
Chapter 108 Sep-08-19
Chapter 107 Sep-08-19
Chapter 106 Sep-07-19
Chapter 104 Sep-06-19
Chapter 103 Sep-06-19
Chapter 102 Sep-06-19
Chapter 101 Sep-05-19
Chapter 100 Sep-04-19
Chapter 99 Sep-04-19
Chapter 98 Sep-03-19
Chapter 97 Sep-03-19
Chapter 96 Sep-02-19
Chapter 95 Sep-02-19
Chapter 94 Sep-01-19
Chapter 92 Aug-31-19
Chapter 91 Aug-31-19
Chapter 90 Aug-30-19
Chapter 89 Aug-30-19
Chapter 88 Aug-29-19
Chapter 87 Aug-29-19
Chapter 86 Aug-29-19
Chapter 85 Aug-29-19
Chapter 84 Aug-27-19
Chapter 83 Aug-27-19
Chapter 82 Aug-26-19
81 Mushroom Fairy Aug-26-19
Chapter 80 Aug-25-19
Chapter 76 Aug-24-19
Chapter 75 Aug-24-19
Chapter 74 Aug-22-19
73 Melon Regiment? Aug-22-19
Chapter 72 Aug-21-19
71 Be Careful! Aug-21-19
Chapter 70 Aug-20-19
Chapter 69 Aug-20-19
Chapter 68 Aug-19-19
Chapter 66 Aug-18-19
65 Pay, Demon! Aug-18-19
Chapter 64 Aug-17-19
Chapter 62 Aug-16-19
Chapter 61 Aug-16-19
Chapter 60 Aug-16-19
Chapter 59 Aug-15-19
Chapter 58 Aug-14-19
Chapter 57 Aug-14-19
Chapter 56 Aug-13-19
Chapter 55 Aug-13-19
51 Blood Runs Ho Aug-11-19
Chapter 50 Aug-10-19
Chapter 46 Aug-08-19
43 La Zhi Roujiamo Aug-08-19
38 Crowdfunding Aug-04-19
36 It's Very Good! Aug-03-19
32 Mag? My Father? Aug-02-19
13 Pay! Now! Jul-23-19
11 Amy's Wish Jul-23-19
7 Love Breakfas Jul-23-19
6 Hello, Mag Jul-23-19
4 A Small Promise Jul-23-19
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